Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have You Tried This???

I already know what I am going to find in my mailbox today. Our next DVD from Netflix.

You have heard of Netflix, haven't you? They are the ones with the very strange ads on the radio. If A plus B equals C, what is the square root of applesauce? OK, that isn't a word-for-word quote from a Netfilx ad, but if you've heard them, you know that is the jist of what they sound like.
Based upon the sound of their ads, I always thought Netflix was just a little too "out there" and had no interest in them. Until Brian suggest we give them a try, and now I am hooked.
You see, Fridays around my house are known as Movie Night and since we moved this summer we have not been able to find a video store around here that isn't on the super-expensive end of the spectrum. So every week we have been driving fifteen minutes back to our "old" video store to get our weekly flick. And even that store has been increasing in price. (Not to mention the dollar amount we have paid in late fees. When the video store was only three minutes from our house running over there to return a forgotten video wasn't a big deal...)
Anyway, somehow Brian came across a free trial offer for Netflix and we decided to see what it was like.
I cannot believe how easy this system is, and I do not know what took me so long to try it, but I am so glad we have it now. Brian sat down with the kids to make the list of movies they would like to see and we ordered the first one.
This is the way it works now: Friday night we watch our movie (Notice I didn't say first: Friday afternoon I take all three kids to the video store and two of them argue about a movie while the third plays hide-and-seek from me between the shelves!), Tuesday I drop the DVD back in the mail, and Thursday the new DVD is delivered. And the whole Netflix deal costs considerably less than what we were spending on rentals from the store.
I don't know how Netflix provides this service so quickly and for such a low price - but I am loving it! So, if your family is big into movies you really need to check this service out!

By the way, this is not a paid post, and no one asked me to write it. I just think Netflix is a great find and wanted to tell you about it!

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momteacherfriend said...

I have seriously thought of yusing their services. I do not even like to get free movies from the library or church media center because I am horrible at returning them on time. So we usually don't have any movie rentals around the house.
Walking to the mailbox is something I think I could handle. And if I can't there is no late fees. :)

Wendy said...

I became a member of Netflix a few years ago when we turned our cable off. I absolutely love it. Now if I could only find someone that offered the same thing with books, I'd be set!

By the way...Happy Valentine's!