Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whose Plan is Best???

OK. So I have my plans, and I know how things should work out. I think through my schedule for the day and if everything goes according to the way I have set it in my mind, everything will be as it should. Don't you agree? I imagine you have plans for how your day should go, too, don't you?
This is how my morning was supposed to go today:
8:05 - Begin the process of getting boots and coats on to go to the bus stop.
8:10 - Open the door and walk out it with the boys to go to the bus stop.
8:24 - Hug the boys, tell them I love them, and wish them a good day as they get on the bus.
8:30 - Head to the lab to get a blood test.
8:35 - Arrive at said lab.
8:38 - Get called in for blood test.
8:43 - Go to the store for a few quick items.
8:58 - Head home and eat breakfast, because I am starving since I had to fast for the blood test.

This is what really happened:
I prodded Matthew for several minutes to finish eating and get his teeth brushed so we could leave on time.
We left a few minutes late.
We walked our half mile through some pretty significant snowfall. Apparently the snow was slowing down the bus, because we waited quite a long time at the bus stop. Guess it didn't matter that we had a late start. By the time the bus did arrive, we were quite snow-covered ourselves.
When I got home I saw that Brian had shoveled part of the driveway, and figured I ought to finish "my" side. So I did.
I walked into the house and saw that it was already 8:50. Hmmm. My plans were changing already.
And when I went into the bathroom I saw the delays were to continue. My hair was soaked from the snow so I had to dry it again, and I needed to fix my make-up, too. The snow flakes on my eye lashes had melted and combined with my non-waterproof mascra to leave me looking a little bit like a football player.
Having fixed those things, I grabbed the address for the lab and left the house again.
When I pulled into a certain parking lot and drove around the building a bit, I realized the lab was not where I thought it was. So I looked at the map and address again and went out in search of the correct building. It only took me a minute or two to get to the right building. But it took another minute or two for me to find the right entrance.
Once checked in, I took a seat and waited. For a few more minutes.
When I was called back to the lab, the technician who was entering my information in the computer was having some trouble and needed to get help. So I waited there a bit longer, too.
Then came the woman who was going to draw my blood. Usually I get complimented on what "nice" veins I have, but not today. She poked my left arm but when she stuck the little tube onto the end of the needle it didn't fill with blood. So she said, "Let's try your other arm." Oh, good, I thought, because I really like getting stuck with needles!!!
Fortunately, my right arm cooperated.
Clearly, my morning was not going according to schedule, but at least I was done in the lab and now I only needed to run in and out of the store and then I could go home and get breakfast.

So I entered the store with the thought I could be in and out of there in a matter of minutes. I found my first item without delay (Ahhh! Finally things were going my way...) and was on my way to get the second. As I was peering down the aisle to see if what I needed was there, I noticed the person I was trying to look past was a friend I haven't seen in awhile. She goes to my church, we used to be in MOPS together, and she is even on my prayer team, but I just haven't seen and talked to her in quite some time.
What a joy it was to see her! We spent the next several minutes catching up and enjoying each other. She told me about some difficult things she and her family are going through and before we said good-bye I asked if I could pray for her. So we prayed, and we hugged. It was a blessed time. I was absolutely delighted we just "happened" to be in the store, no - the same aisle - at the same time this morning so we could see each other and be mutually encouraged. I thanked God for bringing us together.

It was as I was continuing my shopping, though, that I realized the significance of our timing this morning. I had my plan for how the morning was to go - down to the minute. But if my morning had gone according to my plan, I would have completely missed my friend in the store.
Reflecting on all my delays - the bus, the shoveling, the hair drying and make-up, getting "lost," computer entry problems, and an arm that wouldn't give up any blood, I realized God knew the timing which was necessary this morning, and He made sure His plan prevailed. And I am so thankful!

As you are going through your day, my friend, I pray you will keep your eyes open to see the ways God is working around and in you to bring His perfect plans to pass. He is good, and everything He does is good. Will you trust Him today to do what is good and right???

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luvmy4sons said...

How often do we get saved by the grace of God through apparent mishaps and frustrations? And how many blessings does He bestow on us in said mishaps and frustrations. Love this thought! But I so get being frustrated when you had a plan and it didn't work...that is part of my control freak nature...LOl!

JanMary said...

Lovely post and a "timely" reminder that God is in control of everything.

Thanks :)

StaceyStace said...

Going to the doctor is always a toss up for scheduling isn't it? But so glad it brought you together with a friend - who obviously needed you!

Rachel said...

I love to see God in the midst of my calendar and my plans. I love and trust in His Sovereignty. The hinds sight part of it can be really fun to see what exactly God does with our intentions to have his plan prevail. Very cool.

freetofly said...

You know what I love? That you could be at peace enough to "catch" what was going on. To see the opportunity to connect with someone. Who knows how encouraged she was to be able to unburden herself to you like that?

Great thoughts, Karen! May we all continue to keep our eyes on Him & be open to the ooportunities He brings us!


Oh, btw, I have a prize for you at my place! I hope you enjoy it!