Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Planning a Day Away!

Hmmm, we're on Day 5 of my kids' five-day-weekend. Could there be a correlation between their extended time off and me thinking about my "get-away" which is coming up?

Yeah, I think so!!!

On Saturday, March 29, I am going to be joining a couple women from my neighborhood Bible study at the 2008 Women in The Word Conference. I can't wait to go!!!
The conference is put on by Michigan Theological Seminary and is being hosted by Calvary Baptist Church in Canton, Michigan. Anyone else in the area want to go? You can get details and register online here.
The reason I am so excited about attending this conference (besides having a day free from being "Mom"...) is because Kay Arthur is going to be the featured speaker. I heard Kay speak at the TimeOut for Women! conference in 2003 and God used her significantly to grab a hold of me. Since then, I have been in a few Precepts Bible studies at church and have listened to her teaching through video. She knows God and His Word intimately, and I am so looking forward to seeing her in person again.

If you aren't in Michigan and cannot attend this conference, I would suggest you keep your eyes open for a time when Kay may be coming to a location near you. She is truly a blessing to see!

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KarenW said...

I heard Kay at a conference nearly a decade ago. I think that was my last weekend away. Guess it's time for another one.

freetofly said...

Sounds glorious! Enjoy, Karen! I would enjoy such a get away right now! Maybe soon!

God bless!