Friday, February 15, 2008

I Don't Want To Do This, but...

My kids don't have school today.
Or Monday.
Or Tuesday.
President's Day Weekend break??? What's up with that? When I was a kid, we went to school on President's Day. And we liked it!!!

Anyway, I was thinking it would be nice to do something special with them to celebrate their mini vacation. Then I thought again.
The boys were fighting and just being mean to each other. I tried talking to them about the fact we are a family and we need to love each other. Our home needs to be a safe place where they feel accepted, not rejected. All the while I was engaging in this monolouge having this conversation they were making wise cracks at each other and I didn't feel like they were listening to a word I was saying.
I told them I had been considering taking them on a special outing, but was now having second thoughts. My hope was the mention of a privilege that might be taken away would change their behavior really fast. Uh, the change only lasted for a few seconds. And in my mind I had determined I was not going to take them anywhere. But the Lord kept my mouth shut about that piece of information.
He's so good that way! Because...
As I left the boys to go back to my room and finish getting ready for the day, I considered how gracious He has been to me. In my heart I knew I should forgive my children and extend grace to them. But I really didn't want to! They were being mean to each other and rude to me, and I didn't want to reward that kind of behavior with a trip to Caesarland.
God knows my heart and He kept impressing upon me how much I have been forgiven. He has never not forgiven me for something wrong I have done. And what is that verse in Colossians? Something like, Forgive as the Lord forgave you. (3:13) How could I disagree with Him?
I went out to the kids and told them what I had been thinking - Based upon their behavior I did not want to take them to Caesarland. They did not deserve to go. (Yes, I was trying to instill a little fear in them! LOL) Then I told them I realized Jesus has forgiven me every single time I have offended Him. Every.single.time! I said, "Because Jesus has forgiven me, I am going to forgive you, and we will go to Caesarland."
So, we're off!
Have a great day!

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Praise and Coffee said...

I remember doing this when my kids were younger too. I told them that this is what "grace" is, and made a lesson out of it.
Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that I desperately needed to get out of the house either! :)

Have a nice long weekend!

annie said...

You're such a good mom Karen.

kreed said...

What a great way to handle that. Hope you had a nice outing!

freetofly said...

I love this! I can sooo relate! I am having much reason to do this with a certain 24 yr old (my oldest) And I keep telling myself over & over again, your parents gave & give you unconditional love, And Father you give it to me too! Phew! It's some hard things to do at times! :)

When I am weak then He is strong! Thanks for the encouraging Word, Karen!

P.S. Hope you all have a great time!


Happyhome said...

Gosh, this parenting stuff is just plain hard isn't it??? Great job mom. Hope you had a wonderful day at Caeserland(??)!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Good job Mommy.

Some friends of ours would sometimes discipline their little girl Maddy, or sometimes offer her grace (with a long lecture, of course.) When she was two and got in trouble, she would look up at them with her big blue eyes and say, "You gon gib me gwace?"

It usually worked :)

Jenileigh said...

How'd it go? I have to say I wouldn't have gone. My girls have been arguing
excessively this week too. I wonder if its in the air? chuckle....

Hope you all had a great time.

Hugs Karen!