Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Gift from Heaven

Do you know Heaven? You may have seen her commenting around the blogosphere as God's Girl. I first came across her path in a funny way - saw her leaving lots and lots of silly comments on MyADHD's blog and I had to go "meet" her for myself. (So glad I did!)
I had no idea that the woman God used to make me giggle that morning would also be a woman He would use to speak to me of His love.
But He did.
Because He's good that way.

Shortly after I met Heaven, I learned that she has a gift from God of something she calls name pictures. She prays and seeks God and draws what comes to her around a person's name. In fact, she started a blog just for these pictures and when I read of her offer to draw a picture for anyone who wanted it, I jumped at the chance.
I had already grown to admire Heaven and her love for God, and I was eager to discover what He might say to me through her drawing.
So I asked.
And she drew.
No. She PRAYED and she drew. And that is what I was so excited about. I knew as Heaven was drawing my name picture, she was going to be praying for me and asking God what He wanted to say to me.
What a blessing it was to receive this picture in the mail:
Along with the picture, Heaven included a letter in which she shared the things she sensed God telling her as she drew. I spent a couple days looking at the picture, reading her letter, and seeking God myself.
And the overwhelming sense that came over me as I listened to Him through this picture is Peace. You can't see it very well in the image above, but there are rays of yellow coming down from the "sky" and that seemed like God's glory covering me. I feel like He is holding the storm and the darkness at bay - that He is protecting me. I haven't gotten a clear sense of whether the drops are tears He has cried for me, or sweat He has poured out while protecting me, but either way I am confident of His love.

Oh, I could go on and on. And I honestly expect God to do the same. That's why I am not finished looking at this picture. Not finished listening to God. But I am resting in His peace today, knowing He has got me in His mighty hand, and I have nothing to fear.
If you have been around Surviving Motherhood for much time at all, I trust you know that I treasure the ways God speaks through His Word. But I am also confident that He speaks through other means, too, and this picture is most certainly one of them. Heaven is still drawing name pictures. If you are willing to invest time seeking God and listening to Him, I would encourage you to click here and ask for your name picture.

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Leah said...

How cool!! I'm headed over to visit her blog now. Thanks for sharing this!!


God's girl said...

You're too sweet:) I am blessed to have "met" you! I am going to send you a picture of your precious book soon. It goes everywhere with me, as it usually stays in my car, and boy, does it ever looked used:) I read and I read and I read, yet I'm only half way through it! lol

So, my precious sister in Christ, I am the one who is honored to have you in my life!

Thank you and have a great day!
Love, Heaven

Mrs. Sidney said...


luvmy4sons said...

God loves to use His people to complete His will. I love how He does that. It is the best blessing in the world to be used of Him to bless others! What a gift to be able to do that! I like your name picture!

Jessica said...

That is the coolest thing! How neat. :-)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

How neat!!

LisaShaw said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I was so moved by this I ran over to her blog before I left you a comment.

I don't know how I missed Heaven in blogging but I believe GOD has a timing for everything. What an incredible blessing that she FIRST prays and then draws! That's what drew me to go seek out the person with the heart of God.

Love you.