Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He Still Needs Me

OK, so yesterday I told you about the card Elizabeth made me for Mother's Day, and how it blessed my heart. Well, Jessica - having only boys - wanted to know what my boys said in their "cards." She wanted to know what to expect when hers are a little older.
And in responding to her, I had to laugh.
Matthew was entirely too excited about his Mother's Day gift. When he came out of school Friday he was jumping around and gave me my gift right then. No waiting until Sunday for him! It was a cute pen his teacher had made to look like a flower. There was also a card which he made on the computer and it says: (By the way, I am entering it JUST LIKE Matthew did - lack of punctuation, and all. *grin*)

Happy Mother's Day. Hi mom you rock and I'm proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a very good mothers day this fine may day please enjoy this card I made for you I worked very hard to make this card.

All the flowers bloom in May...To honor you on mother's day:)

I love you with all my heart I hope you never forget that!:)

So, that was charming, and I enjoyed Matthew's gift.

Then came Tuesday morning, and Joshua's gift. He picked up his backpack, took a package out of it, handed it to me and said, "Here," as he walked into the other room.
I chuckled to myself at the lack of enthusiasm my eleven-year-old was displaying, and made sure I thanked him for the pad of paper when he walked past me again to head off to school.
I had a meeting at school Tuesday morning, so rather than turning to go home at my "usual" spot, I went into the building with the boys. Joshua suggested I could enter through a different door which would be closer to my meeting room. And I realized he didn't want to walk into school "with" me, so I just stayed a few steps behind and called out, "Goodbye! Have a nice day!"
And I reminded myself Joshua is getting older and needs to start detaching from Mom.

But then I remembered Friday.
Joshua had a doctor's appointment - annual check-up. He was very uptight because he didn't want to get any shots. But he was due for a couple boosters and, for all my words of wisdom, I could not seem to get him to take his mind off the subject.
When it finally came time to receive his shots, I stood right next to my big eleven-year-old boy. He put his right arm around my waist and I held his left hand, as I quoted Joshua 1:9 for him, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." (I added, "Even when you're at the doctor's office getting a shot.")
Let me tell you, that boy squeezed me hard! But he made it through.
And I smiled because I realized, for as big and tough as Joshua is, for all the times he doesn't want me to hug him in public, or even walk in the same door as him, for all those times - He still needs me sometimes.

And I am going to be there.

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luvmy4sons said...

Oh sweet are doing well. As one mother to four MEN now...this journey will take many twists and turns. When I saw the first few lines of this post all I could think was, " No fair. She got cards!" Most Mother's Day I do not. Being home schooled what am I supposed to do say, "Okay boys times to make your gifts for me now. Mother's Day you know!" LOL. I did one time get a very wonderful godly card from my eldest. They all signed it but he picked it brought tears to my eyes. And loving them as they grow older gets so complicated at times. But I always think on the fact that those BIG football players when the camera is on them yell,"Hi mom!" Blessings to you sweet sister!

Jessica said...

Awwwww, this is SO adorable!!! (Can you hear me squealing? LOL)

Such different little guys, and yet each so boyish. Now I'm kind of looking forward to what my boys will come up with. LOL! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Mrs. Sidney said...

What a sweet story... he still needs his mom. My son at 4 has begun to detach from me and attach to his daddy... I fought it at first but I know it needs to happen and at night he still enjoys to cuddle and read books with mommy.

On Purpose said...

I am SO in agreement with your son on this one..."You Rock!" as a mom. Why? Becuase you are there for them! Yep...thats what sums up motherhood in three amazing words! "You are there"...and to think its what we learned from our Heavenly Father. "He is there" Thank you for this heart lesson today...I am soaking it all in! Thank you for being an amazing role model as a mom to me!

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved your post today. Ihave 2 girls and they made me adorable cards too, which I posted on my kids blog.

But I really came over because I read your comment at Nichole's (On Purpose) and it touched my heart. I have a terrible relationship with my mom, and what you said about God's love being enough - well makes me want to cry. I am struggling with that - because I really wanted my mom to love me (like she ought too), and I feel like I have to "settle" for God's love...(that sounds worse than I mean it too). I guess what I mean is that everyone else gets God's love PLUS their moms, and I only get his.

Anyway - I loved what you wrote - so thanks!!!!!

Amanda said...

I love what an awesome mom you are.


And patient too!!

Many blessings-

Jerralea said...

Our kids will always need us, but just in different ways.

I don't have boys, but can just imagine how it is with them growing up and getting some independence.

By the way, you've been tagged! I'm inviting you to participate in a little meme called Six Unimportant Favorite Things. I know you are a busy blogger but it might be fun to just be silly and join us. Here is the link to read my post:

Hope you can find the time to join us.