Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Serious???

Do you really mean to tell me that I contributed more to society in the first eight months after I graduated from college (When I was selling business telephone and voice-mail systems.) than I have since I decided to "quit working" eleven years ago, so I could stay home and raise my children???

Just got my annual statement from Social Security, and that's what Uncle Sam seems to think.

So glad my identity is in Christ and I find my true worth in HIM!



luvmy4sons said...

Yeah...I get those letters too and often think the same thing. I guess you can't really put a monetary value on the best and most important things in life...right?

Jessica said...

LOL! Government *shaking head*

On Purpose said...

Hear the Truth and continue to live in the Truth!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show ya, the BEST things in life are PRICELESS!!!!!

I'm with ya girl...I've been SAHM for almost 4 years & never regret a single second of it!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!
Patricia in nyc

Amanda said...

Ha!!! That is SO funny! I have felt the same when I looked at mine... guess that huge $21,000 annual salary I had was more *caluable* then I thought!


Deirdre said...


Anonymous said...

I used to actually think that perhaps SAHMs should be able to build social security by virtue of all that they do - raising the next generation, doing so much volunteer work, making the purchasing decisions for the family, etc. I still think so! I have spent time working full-time, and now work part-time. I have rarely been completely SAHM - though I WISH to be. But I truly believe that what I do for my family is what has the most value. So, it's just a shame. That's all I can say.