Monday, June 22, 2009

I Said Yes

***Edited to add***
Before anyone leaves a comment telling me what a nice mom I am, you should know this:
Sunday evening I told the kids they could not keep a baby stroller they had picked up out of a "free pile." They have a habit of bringing stuff home, breaking it, and leaving it lay around the yard. And I, for one, am tired of the junk and cleaning up messes.
I got an ear-full from my kids over that NO. Heard about how I ruin all their fun; it isn't fair that I won't let them keep the stroller; they won't break it this time; I don't understand; I'm mean; and all that stuff.
Like I said in the video, I am trying to say YES more often. But I am not about to let the kids take over and have them think they run the show.

Aaaaa, motherhood.
Sometimes you're a hero, and sometimes you're the rottenest, meanest, un-coolest person alive.
Know what I mean? *grin*

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Anonymous said...

LOVED this post!!! I am struggling with this too...always ready to say NO first...this post really spoke to my heart today. Thank you!!

And the boys are just adorable! Love the forts & I especially loved the red mat "for decoration"...too cute!!

Have a blessed week, my friend!
Patricia nyc

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Visiting from Heaven's Journies. Loved this video and the message!
I too am working on saying yes more often to my kids (within reason of course).

I have ADD so I have to keep things in order and have a lot of structure to get things accomplished in my day, but that is often to the detriment of my kids.

So we talked (they are 5 and 7 with ADD/ADHD as well) and came up with a plan. for 30 minutes every 2 hours, I set the kitchen timer and I work on something on my list and they work on one of their chores or play quietly. They now often help me finish whatever I am doing so it can get done, because they know when the timer goes off we can have fun!

Blessings to you today,

Amanda said...

LOL YES!! I know what you mean!!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A good word, Karen. At 43, I'm prone to my "no's". I suppose I always have been. It roots in my selfishness. You've encouraged me today to be more thoughtful in my responses toward my childrens' requests.

And yes, all your hard work now will result in untold blessings in the days to come. I'm holding on to that as I continue to parent young ones while being the mother of young adult men.

Only by God's grace...