Monday, June 29, 2009

Peace for Moms

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Edie said...

Actually, I come here just cause I like you. :) Great Vlog!

Ronel Sidney said...


Jessica said...

Welll...... LOL Today, I'm tired of being mom all the time. Whew. It's been a very hard day and I'm finally on the computer with some quiet. I value quiet.
Today, I wished my kids needed me a little less. Grumpy stinkers. It seemed like I'd get one kid happy and another would be upset.
So, lol, this isn't exactly the peace post I was envisioning, but yesterday it would've been great.
We went to the our little river beach in the afternoon and I was so proud of my four year old because he was swimming and playing, it was just really cute and sad at how grown up he was yesterday. I'm probably going to post it on facebook. LOL
But lol, today he reverted. :-)
Ah well, tomorrow is another day.
I do feel the pressure too, to not mess up my kids. Eek.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

You are very refreshing and make this look so easy! I enjoy coming over to your "place"

In Him,