Thursday, June 25, 2009

Job Security

OK, so I realized my babies have now become big kids, but I know my job as Mom is not yet over.
They may not need me to help them in the swimming pool.
My presence at the movie theater may not be wanted anymore.
Hugs and kisses in public are a thing of the past.
I don't even need to prepare lunch anymore.
But my job is not over.

I read a father's statement recently that convinced me: I am still needed.

This father was talking about a family meeting he had with his adult and nearly-adult children, in which he was asking for and seriously considering their input. He finished by saying, "It was one of those moments when you realize your children have become what you have hoped and prayed for."

And that was one of those moments when I realized - although my children may not need me to do as much for them anymore, although they may be growing in independence and wishing to do for themselves, their need for me remains. And the greatest thing I can do for them now is to pray.
Oh, I know I need to continue to lead and instruct, but they are getting to the ages where they think I don't understand them. They think they know more than I. (Remember when you were there as a kid? I do!!!)

And, honestly, most of the time I feel woefully inadequate to raise these children to be the well-adjusted, servant-hearted, God-fearing individuals I hope for.

Even so, while I will continue to do my best to lead and instruct, I know God holds their hearts and He is the One ultimately responsible for who they are. So I will continue do what I can in the physical realm, but I am only going to trust in what I can do in the spiritual realm. I know there is value to training, but nothing compares to the power of God unleashed through prayer.

They may not need me to do very much, but I am convinced it is crucial for me to pray for my children.

And I trust that one day I will look at my children and realize they have become what I have spent years hoping and praying for. In spite of my best efforts to lead and instruct!

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Jessica said...

My kids haven't reached this stage yet, but they will. Good to know I'm still needed for some things. LOL What will we do with ourselves when they're gone?

(read, read, read, lol)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Karen, how is it that you manage to write about what is currently on my mind these days!
Although my daughter is not yet at this stage, she's just 4 1/2, I have been thinking a lot about this & praying that I will handle this stage when it comes, with grace & guidance from Him. Thanks for this post!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Patricia in nyc

Amanda said...

Wow.... it is amazing to me just how much I need to trust the Lord with... I keep thinking that I have to do it all...


Great post Karen!

Jenileigh said...

This is exactly what I've been feeling lately. Hence the college decisions....I'm just not AS needed in the same ways. Not that I'm not needed. Yes, praying is the most important thing we can do for our children.

I replied to your questions on my word choices college post "End of the Week is Nearing." In case you have any wonderful advice....I'd be much obliged. ;)