Thursday, February 11, 2010

He'll Do It Again!

I first saw this video on Lisa Shaw's blog. And it blessed me richly.
Are you facing difficulty today? Listen to this song, and be blessed!



Mary said...

I love this song! I used to sing it all the time back when it first came out.




Thanks for the reminder. :)


luvmy4sons said...

I loved it too! Song week for me too! Maybe Valentine's Day just gets our hearts singing!

Irritable Mother said...

Mary - He's been faithful before, and He'll do it again! Praying for you.

Leslie - I'm enjoying your songs this week, too. And I think it's JESUS that makes our hearts sing. *grin*

Mari said...

I haven't heard this one for some time. It was great to hear it again and be reminded of those great promises!

2Thinks said...

I believe it!

Uma said...

Love it!

Edie said...

This was perfect! Love it!