Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Your Struggle? Who's Your Strength?



gianna said...

I don't know a mom who doesn't struggle with being a mom. I am so self conscious and feel like I'm a bad mother all the time. But even with that I still worry about EVERYTHING else in life (like finances and health). I don't know how I can, but I HAVE to remember that my strength is not my own and only when I'm weak then HE is strong. So maybe we need to rejoice that we struggle and thank Jesus for our struggles!

cindy said...

Hi, Karen..
Not sure if you remember me or not. We connected a few months ago through Lisa Shaw.

I'm so glad I popped over to your blog.

I have been suffering from depression and off work since Dec 1. I went way to deep in depression in November and just could not get out of it. This therapy is a godsend.


Jessica said...

Right now I'm struggling with a five year old who wants to watch a movie in the living room while I write. LOL
Mommy will prevail though! Ha!

I know what you mean with this post, esp. about worrying whether I'm a Godly mom and if I'm teaching my kids the things they need to know to live a successful, holy life. Ack.
Great post Karen!

Are you coming to Florida again?

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - When I think about my struggles, I realize God uses them to draw me closer to Himself. Somehow, when I'm not struggling, I feel like I can make it on my own. But when I know I need to rely on Him? Oh, those are better times!
Yes. I can rejoice in my struggles.

Cindy - Yes! I do remember you. And I'm glad you popped over, too. So sorry to hear about your depression. Praying you will know God as your strength even now!

Jessica - Go Mommy! *grin*
I'll be in Bradenton on April 13 for a MOPS group. Hoping to come back to Ocala sometime, too!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a neat idea! I know that God will bless these young mothers and mothers to be with your wealth of wisdom. My struggle today revolves around a schedule that is not only dis-jointed, but holds little excitement for me as well. A tough way to walk a day, a week. I have some self-imposed deadlines that aren't coming along as well as I would like and a self-image that's taken a hit in recent days. How I need the healing love of Christ to come in and re-shape my vision with his truth regarding my estate.

Thanks for this and may God bless your prep time with his rich anointing and wisdom.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

You are such a blessing Karen!

Irritable Mother said...

Thank you, Elaine. My heart's desire is to be HIS instrument to the women at this shower. I know everyone has struggles, and pray they'll see Him as their Strength!
Now, can we pray for you?
Father in heaven, thank You, thank You for Elaine! Thank You for the woman You have made her, and for who You are still making her to be.
You know her heart struggle today. You know the details about the deadlines and the self-image. And You know the healing she needs. Father, please speak tenderly to her heart today. Please help Elaine to see herself through Your eyes - with the worth You see in Jesus. Yes, LORD, please re-shape her vision!
I'm asking it in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS. Amen and amen!

Beth - Thank you. *grin*

gianna said...

That's your video watching buddy's little sister. They are both adorable! (I'm a bit biased! and should be)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh Karen... You are indeed a blessing. I am loving your book so much.

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - Yes. You should be. *grin*

Angie - Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the book. Praying God speaks to your heart through it!

km said...

So many things you mentioned are my struggles too. And the I struggle with how my children 'perform'. As if their actions/attitudes/aptitudes could determine my worth. In my head I know it's crazy...but I so want them to be perfect children...because then I must be the perfect mom.

And the economy...I feel like someone hit the pause button on my life. We just hover...spending as little as possible hoping and praying that what we have will stretch.

Irritable Mother said...

KM - "As if...could determine my worth." Oh, I hear you. I hear you!

I keep going back to Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Looking UP, giving thanks, and breaking the bread...And it was enough. When we give Him what we have, somehow He makes it enough. Ahhhh.