Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cake For Dinner

April Fool's Day is next week. And those of you who have been around here long enough know what that means at my house. But some of you are new, so I feel obligated to share this fun little thing with you. *grin*
Next Thursday, we'll be having...

Cake for dinner!

Sort of.

That cake is really two meat loaves baked in 8-in. cake pans, stacked and "frosted" with mashed potatoes. And decorated with ketchup and mustard dots.
We also have jello that looks like a drink, and "salad" for dessert.
If you'd like the details on how to make those dishes, click here for last year's post.




luvmy4sons said...

Yes...I remember you do this. You are so fun! *grin*

O Mom said...

Oh I so want to do this! Another good one is freeze some milk in a glass and right before you serve it add a little milk to the top!

Sal B said...

Gack! I love this! Totally had me fooled - really looks like a beautiful birthday cake! lol

I love O Mom's idea too - might have to try that one :o)

Karen Hossink said...

Leslie - I hope my kids will remember the fun, too. *grin*

O Mom - That's a great idea!

Sal B - Except for the aroma that fills the kitchen, you really would belive this was a cake. Until you cut into it. LOL

Beth Herring said...

Ok - I am kinda torn between yum and gross!

Love you - Beth

Karen Hossink said...

Beth - You are not the first to respond that way. *grin* I always take a bit of meat loaf and a bit of mashed potatoes on my fork, anyway. So with it prepared this way, I don't have to make it two steps. LOL
Besides, it's so cute!

Sal B said...

Regarding the toffee bars:
They are a perfect snack for small group!! I've taken them lots of places and get great reviews :) They literally melt in your mouth. And yes, I cannot keep them in my house or I, too, eat the whole pan! lol

You can definitely use margarine instead of butter :) I think butter makes everything taste better - I never cook or bake with margarine...but the recipe actually said either are fine.

Karen Hossink said...

Thanks, Sal!

Amanda said...

You knew I would love this right?? I have seen these, but never made one! I just might have to!


Anonymous said...

I have made meatloaf maybe twice in my 27 years of marriage - and this is tempting me for a third try! However, I need an awesome recipe! Hint! I would love to try this onb my boys!

Karen Hossink said...

Amanda - Then next year I'll have to post YOUR pictures. Because I know your version of this cake will look AMAZING.

bcm - Recipe on the way. Enjoy!

Angie Muresan said...

Karen, that is so cool! You really are an amazing, fun mom. I might just do this too. We'll see.

Summer said...

Oh my! So funny :O)

Edie said...

I love this! I don't have anyone to make it for but I love it just the same! Not to mention I'm hungry and would love to dig in. :)

Oh hey, did you know that April 1 is a little monkey friend's birthday?

Karen Hossink said...

Edie - Make it for your grand-girls the next time you have them over for dinner! It doesn't have to be for April Fool's Day. *grin*
Hmmmm, the monkey? Would her initials happen to be MJT?

Karen Hossink said...

Angie - Thank you. I hope my kids feel that way, too. *grin*

Summer - Glad you like it!

Edie said...

Yep that's the monkey. :)

My grand-girls are soooo picky I don't think they would eat it. *sigh* :)

Karen Hossink said...

Edie - I'll be sure to stop over to wish her a happy birthday. Wish I could figure out a way to send her a 'birthday' cake. *grin*
OK. Your grand-girls just won't know what they're missing.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That's awesome!

We've done something like this, only we made "cupcakes" out of meatloaf and colored mashed potatoes. Then the boys and I made "green beans" out of jolly rancher chews (green ones, of course) my microwaving them and reshaping them.

Then we made a "fried egg" dessert using marshmallow creme and apricot halves. Too fun!

I think we may try your version this year! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Hossink said...

Chel - Isn't it fun being creative with food? I am quite certain my kids would eat your version of green beans. Can't get 'em to touch the real thing. LOL
Thanks so much for stopping by.