Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Category of the Month - Grace for Moms

Ah, it's a new month. And that means it's time to feature a new category in the sidebar. Going off my thoughts from yesterday, I've decided to focus on "Grace for Moms." Here's one for you - origially posted March 25, 2007. I hope you are encouraged by it. Please click on the link in the sidebar for more Grace for Moms.

I'm Desperate

Does that sound bad?

It's true!

I have just finished going through Kathy Troccoli's book Live Like You Mean It with my friend. The last chapter is called "Be a Desperate Woman," and in this chapter Kathy talks extensively about our need for God and His ability to do anything. She writes, I am completely desperate without Him. I sink without Him. Is that weakness? Yes. I am so weak without Him and his presence and guidance. I must get up every day and hold on to hope. Being desperate is something to celebrate because of the position it puts me in with the tender, generous, romantic Lover of my soul. Living a life of passion, romance, and adventure is about panting for God out of sheer desperation so He can satisfy my deepest longings.
And oh, how deep are my longings! God made me a hungry, thirsty, needy woman. He made all of us that way so that we would seek out His richest fare, as if our lives depended on it - because they do. (p. 170-171)
Since Amber and I discussed this chapter the other day, I have been intentional in my thinking about the fact I am desperate. I need Him every moment.
And, as if my own efforts to think about this reality weren't enough, my kids nailed it for me yesterday. Sometimes (OK, a lot of the time!) I am at a loss for what to do with them. I want to raise them well, and train them on the right path. I want to teach them to be respectful and honorable. I want to instill in them the importance and value of obedient behavior. I want them to grow up to be self-controlled, responsible adults. I also want to remember they're kids and it's OK for kids to be loud, and goofy, and obnoxious (a little!) and, well, kids!
Finding the balance between these two worlds (training them and still letting them be kids) is really hard for me. So as I was making my way through the day yesterday I was praying a lot, admitting my desperation to God and begging Him to lead me as I raise these children.
I so want to do it right.
More and more I am aware of the fact I'll never get it right on my own. I need Him every moment.
Finally, this morning in church we sang Breathe. Perhaps you're familiar with it, and you know the chorus...I stood there in His presence declaring the very thing that's been on my mind the past couple of days. I'm desperate for You!

That's the truth. I'm desperate. I'm a desperate mother and, yes, a desperate housewife! And I am not ashamed to admit it because I know He made me this way - to need Him - and because His power is made perfect in my weakness.



Mari said...

That's a great type of desperation!

Jan said...

I too struggle with that balance. It is hard for me to find the line between "training" and being too "controlling". I really do need to become more desperate myself. Thanks for the great post! I love how you think and thus make me think! Enjoy your day!

Irritable Mother said...

Mari - Yes. I'm not ashamed of this desperation!

Jan - Balance is a tricky thing, isn't it? That's why I'm so desperate!

Jessica said...

Oh man, I SO hear you on the balancing act that is motherhood. One thing that helped me too is when I heard someone say the biggest thing is for our kids to be loved. If they know they're loved, then I think that makes up for a bunch of stuff. So I try to remember that whenever I start getting desperate in the wrong way. And of course, the source of real love is God, so loving my kids requires me to draw closer and need Him more.:)
Great post, as usual!

Irritable Mother said...

Jessica - Yes. I was just in prayer about that very thing this morning - that my children would know they are loved. That God would fill me with His love so I may pour it out on them!

Patricia - I'm glad to be desperate together! It's good to know we aren't alone.

O Mom said...

Whenever i have heard someone say that a person is weak to be a Christian, I always say, Yeah your right...It throws them off and makes them think that it isn't about them and their own strength.
I love that verse; His power is made perfect in my weakness.

Irritable Mother said...

O Mom - That's right. I'm weak, and Jesus is my crutch. And I'm totally OK with that!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

And to think....sometimes it is ok to be hungry, thirsty and dare we say, needy!!

What a great post. Since I am not a mom, I'll make it Grace for Me... :)


Irritable Mother said...

Leah - Yes! His grace is for everyone! *grin*

Angie Muresan said...

The best kind of desperation, Karen.

gianna said...

I love this idea. How often do we (okay, me) think we can do it all on our own if we have the right tools. yes, the right tools help, but without a desperate dependence on YHWH, the tools are only tools and nothing more. And I want it to be so much more!

luvmy4sons said...

Desperate with you sister.

Irritable Mother said...

Angie - Yes, it is!

Gianna - I fully agree with you. Good tools are good, but without HIM, they are nothing.

Leslie - *grin*