Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moms' Night Out Report

From my journal:

March 12, 2010
Here I am on flight 1324 to Minneapolis. Just moments ago we were sitting at the gate and were told there was a heavy fog in Minneapolis. That we were going to be late taking off because there was a ground hold. Maybe 40 minutes of a delay.
Note: Amanda was going to be meeting me at the airport with her children. I really didn't want her to have to stand around that long. PLUS I didn't want to have our time together cut short!
But I prayed. Lord, I asked You to clear the fog. I knew it was nothing too difficult for You.
And just a moment ago the captain addressed us over the speaker again. Said there had been a "dramatic change" in Minneapolis and the ground hold had been lifted.
Now we're in the air and on our way.
Another note: Just so you know how quickly this happened, when I started writing this entry, we were still on the ground!
Thank You, God! I knew You could do it. And I know You did.

Father, I am asking You now - please fill Faith Covenant Church tomorrow night with women who need to know You. Who need a touch from You. Who need hope and joy and encouragement.
Speak through me, Lord. I am Your vessel and I want to be Your instrument.
Father, please show me Your glory!

And can I tell you? That's just what He did! God showed me His glory.
He blessed me sweetly with delightful time to spend with Amanda and Gianna. And I was so very thankful for that gift.
And when I spoke during the Moms' Night Out, I had a blast. Hearing the women laughing, seeing the tears, the smiles, the I've-been-there-too nods - it all brought joy to my heart.
But it was at the end of the night, when Vicki slipped me a note during the dessert reception, that I got over-the-top excited. The note said that seven women had prayed with me when I presented the gospel and invited women to begin a relationship with God through Jesus.
Seven precious women!
Friends, God showed me His glory, and I cannot adequately describe how thrilled I am to have been His instrument. It was not my words, or my songs, or my silly grin. It was my JESUS - the work of His Spirit - who drew those women to Himself. And I am so thankful!
Would you please pause a moment right now and pray for them? That God would continue to draw them close and grow them in their new faith?

Ahhhh, what a wonderful weekend.

Have I said before that I really want to do more events like this one???



Leah @ Point Ministries said...


I knew you would bless those women!! I understand how thrilling that is--to know that you had a part in others coming to know Jesus. I'm with you, sister.

I want more events to speak at so that I can tell others about HIM!!


Irritable Mother said...

Leah - And I am confident God will take us exactly where He wants us to go. Giving us opportunities to speak according to His perfect plan. Amen?

luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing you are. I am sure many there were thanking God because of you. That is great. And I love how you give Him all the glory. Blessings!

Amanda said...

LOL You really NEED to do more events like this one!! You were amazing... your words and message inspiring... everything about it was wonderful. I felt so blessed to be there...and I have a feeling my kids are lad I went too! (your message inspired a little more patience in me when dealing with them!)

Be blessed!

Mary said...

Aweseome! How cool is that!? Yay God!!!!

I know what you mean, girl. I've had more facebook messages and blog comments since returning from my weekend in KY of how the retreat was life-changing for them.

It makes me want to do more of them! LOTS!

Patricia/NYC said...

Fabulous!!! God is AWESOME!!
And you are such a blessing to so many!!

And, I have prayed for those 7 precious women! :)

gianna said...

WAtching you was so fun! I kept thinking about my friends who are in the midst of crisis (besides being a mom or BECAUSE of being a mom) and I wish I could have gotten them to your talk. But it was refreshing! I'm so excited for people to have made a decision to follow Jesus. That is so thrilling. When you said you had been praying for everyone, I wanted to yell out, "She REALLY has! She's just not saying that!" Also, I love how you immediately pray about things. The first thing in your head is to pray, not to fret, but to pray. You are such an inspiration!
I love you!

Irritable Mother said...

Leslie - Thank you. All glory to God!!!

Amanda - Ah, that's it! I love these events for the blessing they are to mothers, but my hope is that the children will benefit, too. Yes!

Mary - Praise God for His work in KY, too!

Patricia - Thank you for praying. He keeps those women in my mind, and my prayers for them are many.

Gianna - I was so, so very happy that you cold be there Saturday. And the next time I'm in MN *hopeful grin* maybe you can get those friends to come, too.
Thank you for your kind words. I thank GOD for the transforming work He is doing in me so you can say them.
Love you!

O Mom said...

Rejoicing with you in all that the Lord has done....and is going to do through you.

Praying for those 7 women that they continue to seek Him and fall in love with Him!

Edie said...

Yay!! I just prayed with you for those women. How wonderfully exciting it is to be used of God.

You know what I really love in what you said here? "I presented the gospel and invited women to begin a relationship with God through Jesus."

I have been thinking a lot especially today, about the latest phrase "accept Jesus". It's good to hear it phrased as beginning a relationship.

Glad you had such a great weekend and that God showed Himself so clearly.

Love ya!

km said...

Praise God! There's a party in heaven for those seven! What an amazing night.

Irritable Mother said...

O Mom - "and is going to do"...Yes. I pray this continues!

Edie - Because "accept Jesus" sounds like a done deal. As in, do this and you're done! But it really is only the beginning.
Hey, Jenni and her family just bought a house near you!

KM - It was an amazing night. And I am excited about the party. *grin*

Blessed With 4 said...

Sounds like an awesome trip that you had! God is soooo good. (those words are so small to describe Him).
Praying for the new believers :)
God bless you.

Irritable Mother said...

Blessed - Hey, it's great to see you here! Thanks for visiting. And thanks for praying!