Monday, November 15, 2010

Stages of the Journey



Anonymous said...

Hey sweet friend,

Thank you so very much for this message today!! I needed to hear it, but I wanted to let you know that your message is part of God's theme for me right now!

I got your e-mail and you know my "stage" right now, but God has reminded me over and over again these past few days that HE IS FAITHFUL and while this stage certainly stinks, HE IS STILL FAITHFUL.

Thanks again for everything! Will keep you posted on this stage in my life!

Love and blessings,

Patricia said...

Just last night, as I was trying to get Kiara back to sleep after a nightmare, I felt an incredible sense of peace envelop me... and I thought how BLESSED I was at that moment, to be IN the moment and I said a silent prayer of thanks because it is only because of HIS faithfulness & good grace that I was in that peaceful moment & that I actually *realized* that I was in the peaceful moment! lol!!
I've also been through LOTS of stages as well and am so grateful that He has & always will bring me through!! :)

GREAT post, Karen!!

Amanda said...

Great thoughts Karen! I didnt even know that 'stages' part was there. Guess I need to get into Romans more!


Karen Hossink said...

Dori - God often has themes, doesn't He? Mine right now seems to be that HE is in control. Not me. It'll be coming out in a couple posts this week. I'm thinking about it lots.
Praying for your appointment tomorrow!

Patricia - That's fantastic! How wonderful to find peace in the moment. *Ahhh!*

Amanda - Thanks.
It's in Numbers. But Romans is good, too. *grin*

Ronel said...

We just ended our study in Numbers in class and we were talking about these same stages. I like the idea of thinking about my own stages and how God has brought me through them all. Thank you so much for sharing, what a great reminder!!

Karen Hossink said...

Ronel - You're welcome. *grin*
It's just so good to remember. God is faithful and we need to remind ourselves of that Truth frequently.