Wednesday, November 03, 2010

That's a Really Good Point

Just had parent/teacher conferences for Joshua.
I was encouraged by the reports his teachers gave. They understand adolescent boys. (Wish I did!) While I was anticipating many expressions of frustration, instead I heard a lot of, "He's a typical 12/13 year-old boy." That was nice.

One teacher made a comment, though, which I will be thinking upon for quite some time.

As we were discussing Joshua's attention challenges - and how it seems to come to a head when I'm trying to do homework with him - she said, "It must be really tough to go through the day when every adult is telling you to 'Pay attention.'"


I can't say I'm going to stop trying to get him to focus on his work, but I think she made a good point. And I want to build him up, not make him frustrated.

Help me, God!



Anonymous said...


I have a 9 year old with the same challenges and what your teacher said lit up a lightbulb for me AND gave me another specific way to pray for you!

Have a wonderful day, friend! Thanks for always giving me something to think about.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

So hard to build them up without smothering them with instructions. I'm the type of Mom that sees just about every potential downfall of just about every situation. I think I give information overloads which just lead to Christen rolling her eyes and proclaiming: "I KNOW mother!!!"

Praying for you! :o)

Patricia/NYC said...

Praying for you & Joshua!!

We've been going through some homework challenges too...NOT FUN!! Your post got me thinking too. Who knew HW could be so tough in the 1st grade?!?

Hang in there, my friend!!

AmberRay said...

My oldest son is almost ten and I have some of the same issues with getting him to focus on doing homework. I have to make sure I don't get too frustrated because they will not help him with his work.

AmberRay said...

oops I meant to say my frustration and impatience will not help him do his homework :)

Irritable Mother said...

Dori - Light bulbs are good!
Thanks for praying.

Jodi - That's what is so hard - not smothering with instructions. I KNOW they need to learn on their own, but I want to help. Finding that balance between sharing knowledge and letting them discover it is TRICKY!
Thanks for praying.

Patricia - Yeah. I have shared the same frustration. First grade homework should not stress me out like this!
Thanks for praying.

Amber Ray - You've got that right! I've had to walk away more than once to regain composure. *sigh*

hangin in by a thread downunder said...

Having four children and two of them with attention problems I greatly valued you blogging this comment from Joshua's teacher...thanks. Now back to homeschooling with a lttle more patience and me "paying attention" to all of the instructions I dish out.

Irritable Mother said...

Hangin in - Yes. When I pay attention to how much instruction I am dishing out, I am not surprised he doesn't want to listen. *sigh*

Ronel Sidney said...

So you mean it is normal for my son not to focus at 6 years old. My son does well at school but has been all over the place at night.... I am so frustrated especially bc my work schedule and homework has been tough. I need to focus on building him up *sigh* mothering boys is tough work.

happyhome said...

I'm trying hard to understand 11-14year old boys since I have two that currently fall in that category! Praying I figure it out before sending them both into therapy! Lots of prayers for us both.

Irritable Mother said...

Ronel - You can say that again, sister. Fortunately, God's grace is big enough even for that!

Angela - Yes. Some days I think my boys will be lucky if therapy is the only thing they need. LOL!
Prayers. LOTS of prayers. So thankful God is listening.

gianna said...

Great point!
I'm a nail biter and if I'm watching TV next to Chris or doing something next to Chris that gives me the opportunity to unconsciously chew on my nails, he huffs and grabs my hand and yanks it out of my mouth.
Where it is temporarily beneficial, all it's really teaching me is to try not to chew them in front of him.
I kinda get it.

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - So if you avoid Chris, you can bite your nails?
See, that's what I want to stay away from - teaching Joshua that it's more enjoyable for him if he avoids me. Yet, I still want to teach him to focus and do his work. *ugh* This so so hard!