Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back in Time

So, I've told you about my heartache over Joshua not wanting songs at bedtime. Well, the other night - after Joshua didn't want me to sing to him, and I remembered he's getting older and this is to be expected - Matthew attempted to take me back in time. He asked me about a particular book I used to read to him, and begged me to go downstairs to see if we still had it. While I was pretty sure I'd gotten rid of it long ago, I went to look anyway. Secretly hoping I would find it on the bookshelf.
"It" is Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls, by Glen Keane. Adam Raccoon books are parables for kids, and they are absolutely delightful. If you still have young children at home, I highly recommend these books! (Actually, I'm thinking of re-building a collection for my future grandchildren.)
Sadly, I did not find Adam on the bookshelf. BUT I surprised us all by reciting the beginning of the story word-for-word. (What can I say? I read that book A LOT.)
Part of me wants to keep trying - to see if the whole story is still up there in my memory somewhere. So if Matthew tries to take me back in time again, I'll be able to "read" it to him.
Hey, it can't hurt to be prepared! *wink*



gianna said...

I think you have told me about these books. I gotta go and find them at our church library!


Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - Yes. You do!
And be sure to stop back here Monday with Maya. I just recorded my video today - a re-telling of Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls. *grin*

km said...

Those books look great. I wonder if my kids are too big?

Irritable Mother said...

KM - They are great. Says on the back, "Ages 4-7"...But I'm 39 and I love them. *wink*