Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not the Days, Just Some of the Moments

If you have spent any amount of time with me (in person, or via a book) you probably know I am NOT a fan of the statement, "You're gonna miss these days!"
When my children were younger, and I was weary - of the clinging, or the crying, or the questions, or the (fill in the blank) - I was never encouraged by that statement. I was only convinced that memory loss is a sure part of aging. Because, clearly, the women who spoke those words to me didn't really remember what these days are like!

Well, I'm starting to understand what those women meant when they uttered that statement.

Sometimes I go into Joshua's room to say goodnight, and he has his radio on. Ever since he was a little baby, I have been singing to him at bedtime. But I can't sing 'over' the radio. So I ask Joshua (just like I have every night for the past thirteen years), "Do you want a song tonight?" as I move to turn off the radio.
And sometimes he says, "No. I just want to go to sleep." So I give him a kiss, say "Goodnight," and walk out of his room. *sniff* And I think, Gee. It used to be important to him that I sing. He used to not be able to go to sleep if I didn't sing. He used to ask for TWO songs! I used to matter. *sniff, sniff*

And for a moment I think, I'm starting to miss those days.

But then I have occasions when I see my friends with younger children, and they're dealing with irrational tantrums and crying fits. I see my friends trying to understand their child - who doesn't even understand himself - and I pray that God will grant them wisdom and grace for their son.
And I smile as I think to myself, No. I don't really miss those days. Just some of the moments!



TheUnSoccerMom said...

Well said! I'm w/ you! I don't miss the sleepless nights w/ a fussy baby or the potty training nightmares, but I sure do miss the moments of what seemed like unending hugs and sweet baby kisses.... sigh....

I did get 4 hugs from Christen on Sunday! (yep, I counted!!) So that's a good thing!

Irritable Mother said...

Yes. That's a very good thing! *grin*

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh, I hear ya, my friend! That's why I am trying sooooo hard to live in the moment, the hear & the now...even those "tough" moments...it's hard (yikes!!!), but she won't be 6 forever.

Hang in there & grab those "moments' while you can! :)

km said...

I like that...I'm going to dwell in the moments...and forget the "Days like this".

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - Ah, yes. To live in the moment, and to recognize God's
presence in it! (Have you read Finding Joy? Cuz the 'in the moment' idea is the basis for that book!)

KM - I think that's part of God's grace, allowing us to 'forget' the
days like this. You know, just like we forget the pain of
childbirth. *wink*

Ronel Sidney said...

I LOVE this reminder!! Last night I was relaxing on the couch & Lucas asked daddy to come into bed and read with him but daddy was going for a run. Lucas didn't ask me so I kept doing what I was doing..... then it happened the Holy Spirit nudged me to go snuggle up with Lucas to read. It was so refreshing to just hear him read stories. I know this time will pass so I will try my best to enjoy the moments now *sigh*

Irritable Mother said...

Ronel - Yay for you, for listening to the Holy Spirit! :o) Ah, how many beautiful things we miss when we ignore HIM.