Friday, February 18, 2011

Lessons from the Edge

Doing my job is NOT the reason I'm here.

I have been at Edgewood for just over six months now. While I'm still learning, I feel more confident that I can manage my duties.
* I'm getting a handle on Pizza Nights and Birthday Parties.
* I've established a pretty good system for sign-up sheets.
* The calendar and newsletters are not as overwhelming anymore.
Yes, I believe I'm understanding my job better these days.

However, every day at Edgewood there are things which happen that were not on the schedule - not on my list of things 'to do'. Conversations with residents; opportunities to help someone find their keys, or check their mail; prayers to pray with co-workers and residents; even moments to laugh and give a hug. And I have come to realize it is those moments - those things which were not on the schedule - that are the reason I'm at Edgewood.
It is during these unplanned moments I have beautiful opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And that's what drives me. Yes - the tasks need to get done, and I want to do my job to the glory of God. But I know my reason is to be Jesus to each person I encounter.

How about you? What's your job? What about your reason???



TheUnSoccerMom said...

I know my reason is the same as yours. But I had a hard time writing a comment.

People either love me or hate me when it comes to my job. If I have good news for them, they love me! If I have news they rather not hear, I'm the enemy (really, I've had people turn on me in literally one conversation).

I pray for God to remind me that it's not about ME, whether or not people like ME, that's never the point. I am here to give God the glory, it's all about Him.

Oh, but it's so hard some days.


Patricia/NYC said...

I love this perspective...I never thought of it that way...I am guilty of getting annoyed by those unplanned moments sometimes...this post helped me to look at them in a much brighter light!

Thanks, Karen & ENJOY your special weekend with Elizabeth!!

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - When I am in a position of receiving bad news, I try to remember the person giving it is just doing their job. They don't 'have it in for me' personally. But sometimes that's hard, too. *wink*
Hang in there, friend!

Patricia - I'm glad this gave you a new perspective. :o)