Monday, February 07, 2011

I Surrender



Patricia/NYC said...

Loved this post!! It really resonated with me. Oh how I wish we lived near each other, I would love to sit & chat with you over a cup of coffee, tea, whatever!

Trying desperately to surrender my control issues when it comes to my is SOOOOO hard sometimes!!

Thanks for this, Karen!
(OH! how funny that my word verification was "surend" lol!!)

Steph said...

Thanks again, Karen, for being right there with His assurance when I most need it.... I usually surrender, well, most at best? I surrender all. I'll have to do it again tomorrow, and I did it already late last night, but I surrender all right now. I'm praying for you girl!

Ronel Sidney said...

Great reminder and something I need to remember with my own son. I hope you have a great Monday Karen!!

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - There you go, stirring my heart's desires. I would LOVE to have that chat with you. Maybe someday?

Steph - Yep. Surrender seems to be a continual - repeated? - thing for me. And maybe one day I'll finally 'get it'. So thankful for HIS patience with me!

Ronel - Ah, Monday. I need to do these days differently. Still trying to figure out the balance between working/maintaining the family. And something has to 'give' on Mondays. *sigh* But I've almost made it to the end of the day. :o)