Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons from the Edge

Sometimes God is a Show-Off!


I am very aware that God is involved in every detail. And I am so thankful. I have come to expect Him to show up and show Himself faithful. But sometimes He kicks it up a notch, and I find myself looking heaven-ward and winking as I say, "Show-Off!"
Like I did this week.
I needed to finish the March calendar, but was having trouble connecting with a couple people. I needed to book two musical guests, and was beginning to lose hope. (Silly me!) So, as I went into work Tuesday morning I was praying, God, I know You know what I need. Please bring it together for me!
What I meant by those words was, God, can You let me get through to those people today?
'Course, HE knew better.

I am not kidding when I tell you I received a phone call that morning from a man who was asking me if he could come play for the residents sometime in March. The date he suggested was busy, so I offered another option. He had to check with another person to work it out, and said he'd call back. Hopefully within a day or two.
He called back about ten minutes later. The date worked!
Thanks, God.

That afternoon I received a phone call from the man who was supposed to be playing for us in five minutes, saying he wasn't going to make it.
Uh, really???
A little quick thinking, and a lot of the grace of God, and we managed the afternoon just fine. Rootbeer floats, time for visiting, and some impromptu singing, and we all had a delightful time.
And that guy who couldn't make it? Rescheduled the next day for my remaining March date.
I won't go into all the reasons why this thing that didn't work out has been a display of God's sovereignty and attention to details. Just trust me when I say, our God is the most wonderful, perfect, faithful, gracious Show-Off I know!

And I'm so glad He gave me eyes to see His show this week at the Edge.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

God is never late....He misses a few good opportunities to be early, but He is Never late.

I know you are a huge blessing to the Edgewood folks.


Anonymous said...

God is faithful and His timing is perfect :O}

Have a wonderful weekend my friend...

Debby Ann

Jerralea said...

I like your story - it reminds me of a time when I had a deadline at work and asked God to help me. I had two calls to make to people who I could not connect with all week. Within 5 minutes, both called ME!

Steph said...

Isn't He WONDERFUL????

gianna said...

You make me smile!
And so does God.

Chris got a promotion at work the other day. We have been scraping by (not exactly sure how) and even though his promotion isn't going to solve all the financial stressors in our family, it was the perfect time to hear from God as He was saying, "don't worry! I got your back. And front. And family. And house. You're mine--you've got nothing to worry about!"

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - You're right! God is never late. And I'm learning to trust - cuz He keeps showing off. :o)

Debby Ann - Yes, HE is! I pray your weekend is Jesusfull!

Jerri - I LOVE it when He does stuff like that!

Steph - Hey, I was just thinking about you today! And God - in His wonderful-ness - brought you over here. How sweet of Him. :o)

Gianna - Thank You, GOD, for Chris's promotion. Thank You for Your faithfulness in every circumstance. Thank You!!!
:o) Love your good news!

Patricia/NYC said...

I bet so many at Edgewood look forward to the special times you bring to them through Him! They are so lucky to have you!

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - God is blessing my work at Edgewood. We have Bible study every other Monday and this week 15 residents came. Our 'big' group before that was - 8. I am so delighted by His faithfulness!