Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Think He Likes That

I've mentioned before that we struggle around here with ADD and ADHD.
Er, on some occasions "struggle" would be a gross understatement.
Anyway, the boys have it, and I am trying to learn how to manage our lives with the extra challenge.

So, the other day Matthew came into my room and was nosing around my nightstand. He saw a book and said in a questioning voice, "The Add Book?" And I corrected him, "No. It's the 'A.D.D. Book'." He seemed to understand and said, "Is that for Joshua?" I explained I had gotten it to help me understand Joshua a little better.
Then Matthew asked if I had a book "for" him. I responded affirmatively and he went in search for it. He found 'Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster'. Side note: I soooo think they should have titled the book, 'Why ADHD Doesn't Spell Disaster'. I mean, it's a fun little play on words and I think it is quite clever. But they didn't ask me. *hmph* Holding up the book, Matthew asked, "Have you read this?"
When I responded affirmatively again, Matthew got a certain smile on his face. I think he liked the fact that I had read a book in attempts to understand him better. (Though I doubt he realized it was also a survival mechanism. *wink*)

The thing is, we all have a desire to be understood. Even our children do! What a blessing we can give them when we try to get into their world and see things as they do. What a difference it can make to them when they know Mommy cares enough to look through their eyes.

Although I still look at Matthew sometimes and think to myself, REALLY???, he knows I'm trying to understand him.
And I think He likes that.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I bet sometimes Jesus would like a book that explains me!!! Just saying......

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - HE wrote the book! I think the section in Romans 7:15-25 is the part to which He refers most often when He wants to understand us. *wink*

gianna said...

sometimes I can't wait until I can conversations like this with my kids. And then I think, I don't want to have conversations like this with my kids....not because its bad. Just because then they will be more complex. And life will not necessarily get easier. Just more interesting.
Am I ever going to sleep again?

Irritable Mother said...

Gianna - More interesting. What a lovely way to put it! haha!
Yes, my friend. You will sleep again. There will come a day when they won't be racing you to get up in the morning. *wink*