Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Thought He'd Understand

Matthew is quite ticklish, and few things make me happier than surprising him with a tickle-attack.
There's just something so satisfying about sneaking up behind him and getting his armpits or a particular spot in the middle of his back.

I know, I'm twisted.

Anyway, sometimes I see him sitting quietly, completely unsuspecting, and I am overcome by the urge to tickle him. So I do what any other reasonable adult would do. I approach him stealthily and tickle him!
When I tickled him this way Tuesday, he screamed and said, "Stop it, Mom!" I stopped and apologized. I said, "Sometimes I just get this urge, and I can't control myself." Then I thought of a brilliant way to explain my behavior to Matthew. I started, "You know how you get urges to yell and run around all crazy?" He nodded, so I continued. "Well, I get urges, too. But mine are to tickle you." For as many times as this boy falls victim to his ADHD urges, I thought surely he'd understand.
Instead, Matthew came back with, "That isn't the same thing." And I asked, "Why? Because your outbursts don't involve your armpits?"


I tried explaining. I guess I'll just have to tickle him until he understands.



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