Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Guard Dog

Sunday morning I decided to sit on the deck while I read my Bible. And, as is her habit, Mindy joined me outside.
I was happy for her company. Figured it's good for her to get the fresh air. But I didn't anticipate the way God would use her to illustrate something for me.

I just read about Solomon, and the sad ending to his legacy. And now I'm reading about the down-hill run of the Israelites. Watching them turn from God and not follow Him with all their heart, like David did. It makes me sad.
So as I finished my reading Sunday I began to pray, asking God to protect me. I asked him to help me be alert so I don't fall away from Him like Solomon and the Israelites did. And right about then, Mindy started growling.
I opened my eyes to look at my dog and spoke calmly, "What's wrong, girl?" I looked in the direction of her attention but didn't see anyone or anything out of the ordinary, so I asked her again, "What's wrong? I don't see anything." But she kept growling. Even barked a few times. And the hair on her neck and back was raised up like it always is when she's after something. Yet, no matter how I searched, I couldn't see what was concerning her. So I just chuckled and thanked her for protecting me from scary, un-seen things.

With Mindy's growl at the scary, un-seen things in mind, I began to pray again. This time asking God to protect me like Mindy was protecting me. I was fully aware that God sees what I can't, He knows what I don't, and I need Him to protect me from all the scary, un-seens which might threaten to lead me astray.
My heart's desire is that my heart's desire would always be to follow God. I want to be faithful to Him all the days of my life. So I'm going to keep praying, Please protect me like Mindy!


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