Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Truth Talk

Last week I made these pork chops. Yum. YUM. TRIPLE YUM!!!!

I made them on Thursday. My day off from work. Since I was home and the chops were marinating in the refrigerator, I lovingly turned them over every couple of hours so all of the chops were fully marinated. I was sure my extra attention was going to make dinner extra delicious.
I had sweet potatoes in the oven, salads in the refrigerator, and got the pork chops out to put them on the grill. As I walked past Brian with the meat, he got a certain sparkle in his eyes and asked, "Steaks on the grill tonight???" I said, "Nope. Pork chops!"

I could practically feel the disappointment in his response.

My gut reaction was to take Brian's response personally.
As I put the meat on the grill I realized in my former way of thinking I would have said to myself, Brian doesn't want pork chops for dinner. He wants steak. I should have known that's what he wanted. Now I've spent all this time making a nice meal which he isn't even going to like. What a waste of time. Why can't I ever do anything right?
That's the way my broken, depressed mind works.
But by the grace of God, and with the help of my antidepressant, I have learned how to speak truth to myself. Truth Talk, I call it.
So as I put the meat on the grill - instead of going down the road of self-deprecation - I went through some Truth Talk. I reminded myself, Just because Brian thought we might be having steak doesn't mean he won't like what I'm preparing. Even though I know he's disappointed, I am not a failure. He didn't mean to make me feel bad about making this dinner. He would never do something like that. Therefore, it is unreasonable for me to be harsh with myself. This dinner is probably going to be great.

And it was!
So thankful for the Truth Talk which was added to the menu. Without it, dinner would likely have been ruined.

What truths do you need to remember today?



Anonymous said...

Awesome example of God's Victory in your life Karen! Wonderful! Funny I read this right now, because I had similar situation today occur and instead of letting the negativity start flowing in my mind...I STOPPED IT...and in prayer asked for God to help me think right and be the person He wants me to be! Yay VICTORY! ***chera

Irritable Mother said...

Chera - Yay VICTORY, indeed! :-)
It is a blessing to be able to recognize the wrong thinking and replace it with truth. Good for you!

km said...

It is so easy to slip into believing the lies. Oh how Satan loves for us to not believe the truth our Maker wants us to be rooted in.