Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Liars

I know grown-ups try to do what's right. I realize we're doing our best to protect kids from the dangers they don't see or understand.
But sometimes I observe things which make me wonder...

Sunday afternoon I was in the check-out lane at the grocery store and an adorable little girl in the next lane caught my eye. As I stood watching her, she became interested in the carousel holding the groceries. She reached up to touch the carousel as the cashier was getting ready to turn it and the little girl's grandmother (At least I'm guessing it was her grandmother. She looked too old to be her mom. IMHO) let out a howl-of-sorts and said, "Don't touch that! You'll go to the hospital. REALLY! You'll cut off your finger and go right to the hospital!"

I contained my laughter, but thought to myself, REALLY??? Do you want that little girl to believe anything you tell her? 'Cause what you just said is way overboard, ma'am. I'm just sayin.'


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