Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking Ahead

Have I mentioned before how much I am looking forward to speaking for the Fall Women's Conference at Cran-Hill Ranch in September?

Silly question. I know I've plugged mentioned the retreat before. *grin*
If you'd like to join me there, just follow the above link for details and registration!

Tomorrow and Friday I am holing up all by myself (Well, of course my Father will be with me!) at a local retreat center to spend concentrated time preparing my talks for said women's event.
And when I get home I am going to be helping my kids get ready for a week of camp - at Cran-Hill! (Yes, all three of them are going to be gone next week.)

I know what you're thinking. If Karen is going to be gone on the day she usually does the majority of her blogging, and then she's going to be playing 'Home Alone' with her husband for a week, how is she ever going to have time to blog???
That's exactly what I was thinking, too!
So, I'm calling for a blog break. LORD willing, I'll be back July 30.
In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare for the Cran-Hill conference.

See you when I get back!


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