Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HE speaks

I don't like to be a nag.

I really don't.

But sometimes, my son simply doesn't give me an option.
When he ignores me, pretends not to hear me, or goes directly against what I'm saying, well...
I repeat myself nag.
And Joshua says I'm annoying.

I can't say I blame him for calling me annoying. I mean, if I kept saying the same thing to myself over and over (and over!) again, I suppose I would call me annoying, too! *wink*

So, the other day when I was dealing with Joshua and his attitude, I braced myself for the label again. But something else happened. Oh, Joshua called me 'annoying'. I knew I could count on him for that. But I heard Someone else speak, too.
When Joshua finally agreed to what I was asking of him (Can you say 'Lip service'?) I felt the need to keep speaking. I said, "Joshua, you need to know I love you. I realize you don't like what I'm saying, and you don't want to do it. But I'm trying to help you grow up to be a responsible, respectful man. I'm trying to help you learn."

And that's when my heart heard Someone else speaking.
It went something like this: Karen, do you hear what you're saying to your son? Do you realize those are much like My words to you? I know sometimes you don't like what I'm asking you to do. I know sometimes you think you have a better way of doing things. But, My darling, you need to know I love you. I'm trying to help you learn.

Ahhhhh. Love it when HE speaks!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Wow, can't believe he actually ignores you. If I had tried that with my parents, my backside would have been hurting for days. I respected and had a healthy fear that would not allow me to do that.

Irritable Mother said...

Leah - I'm wondering if I mean the same thing by 'ignore' as you do...
But, yes, these teen years are a struggle and I definitely see a difference between my compliant children and my strong-willed child. *sigh*