Thursday, July 05, 2012

I Didn't Get Paint on my Clothes

So, how did you spend your Fourth of July???

Besides celebrating my dependence, I spent several hours working on a rental house with Brian and one of our friends. Yes. We know how to have a good time! Though, our anniversary at a rental beats this most recent episode.
Anyway, we went to this house to get work done, and get it done - we did! In spite of the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees outside, the house is not air conditioned, and we only had one working fan. Oh, was it ever HOT in there!
Even so, I wiped down walls and cabinets in the kitchen in preparation for painting. Only stopped wiping the walls long enough to wipe the sweat off my head and arms and neck get the picture.

About mid-afternoon, our friend had to leave. After his departure, I was able to get more comfortable and Brian and I went to town with the painting. We're quite a team, you know, and the kitchen is finished. *Yea!*
And the really good news is, I didn't get paint on my clothes. Granted, there was paint on my arm and shoulder and legs and feet. But my clothes got off scot-free!
Er, that is, they just got off.
Once Royce left the house, I stripped down to the bare minimum. It was that hot! *wink*



Unknown said...

She was sooo HOT! oh baby! near naked, glistening... quite a sight. I wish I could share a pic with you all...

Karen Hossink said...

BRIAN! I'm so embarrassed. *blush*