Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Dog Lessons: Part 2

You can't hide disobedience.

It can happen one of several ways.
*I might hear the familiar click of Mindy's claws as she lands on the wooden floor while I'm walking down the hallway toward the family room.
*Sometimes I hear the her dog tags jingle just as I'm about to open the door and walk into the house.
*Every now and then I notice the corner of the couch is warm, even though no one else is home so I know there hasn't been a person sitting there.
*And other times, it's simply dog hair on the cushions which blows her cover.

Whatever the form of revelation, I know Mindy has been on the couch. Even though she knows she isn't supposed to be there. And honestly, sometimes I sort of laugh to myself about it because I wonder, Does she really think I don't know what she's doing?
Because even though I don't see her doing it, I totally know!
That little dog is going to have to get a lot trickier if she thinks she's going to hide her disobedience from me.
*She might start by installing carpet so I don't hear her claws hit the floor every time she jumps off the couch.
*Perhaps she should take her collar off so her tags don't jungle when she jumps down.
*It might be a good idea to pull a blanket up onto the couch with her, which she takes down with her as well - to insulate the cushions from her warm body.
*The blanket would help with the dog-hair-left-behind issue, too.

Or, maybe, she could just stop laying on the couch.

So, I have to ask. Is there disobedience in your life which you think you can hide from our loving Father? Because He's been reminding me via my interactions with Mindy that HE can see it - even if we think we're being smart enough to cover it up.
You can't hide disobedience.

Yet, just like I keep loving that little mutt (in spite of her laying on the couch), God reminds me His love for us remains. Unconditionally.
And when we choose to obey, we find HE knew the best way all along!


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