Friday, June 07, 2013

Lessons From the Edge

Charm and lots of personality, can overcome twang and lack of punctuality.

We had a country singer come to our birthday party last week. This was the second time he has come to Edgewood. The fourth time I've had him scheduled. (The first time he didn't come, he got stuck in a snow storm somewhere. Don't remember the reason for his second cancellation.) So when I got a phone call from his manager just a few hours before he was due to arrive, my heart sank a bit. Fortunately, it wasn't another cancellation. Simply a report that he'd gotten held up in construction, to let me know he'd be late.

Even before M arrived, I had decided I wouldn't be hiring him again. He comes from far away, and it just didn't seem to be working. Cancellations and delays don't fit well with me or with residents who tend to show up 15 minutes early for everything.
I served birthday cake and explained that M was on his way. Hoping I could keep everyone interested enough in staying, so M wouldn't be singing to an empty room.

The concert began shortly after M's arrival, and the residents seemed to quickly forget about the time they'd sat waiting. Smiles covered their faces, toes were tapping along with the beat, and several of them were singing along.
That was all nice, but I still wasn't planning on hiring M for another program somewhere down the road. Did I mention he's a country singer? Not my favorite kind of music. In fact, in a room full of 80 and 90-somethings, I had a feeling I wasn't the only one aching for some Big Band tunes.

However, when the concert was over M walked around the dining room, greeting all the residents who had come to listen. And with each interaction he had, I kept hearing the same thing: "Oh, please come back again!" "I enjoyed your performance so much!" They exchanged hugs and hand shakes and lots of kind words, and I realized the residents had easily forgiven the tardiness. They didn't seem to mind the twang. M won their hearts with his charm and personality, and nothing else really matters.
Looks like I'll be hiring him again, after all.

Charm and lots of personality, can overcome twang and lack of punctuality.



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I, too, am a stickler for punctuality. Drives me crazy when people are late habitually. Twang...yep, I've got it. I prefer to call it Southern Drawl. Glad it all turned out well for your precious friends.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Haha! No, you don't have 'twang'. Your Southern Drawl is delightful to hear. I'm talking about country-singin'-note-missing-twang. *Eeek!*
I'll listen to you speak any day. :)