Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Reading While I Rest

I had a great retreat last week, and am thankful for a time to rest.

But it occurred to me I could leave you with some reading while I rest from blogging. I made a quick visit to my archives to bring up some of my favorite posts for you this week.

Monday: This is Hard - One of my first video devotions, from November 30, 2008.
Tuesday: 100 Things - Not so random facts about me, from May 11, 2007.
Wednesday: I Forgot! - In retrospect, this should have been my first clue about Matthew's attention difficulties, from May 16, 2007.
Thursday: Bath Time - Makes me laugh remembering this event, from January 22, 2009
Friday: This Week's WORD - A good thought with which to end the week! From May 8, 2009.



Sara K. said...

Karen! I loved reading these old posts of yours! Very inspiring -- and fun to read your "100 Things" post too! So I was wondering, since you used to have long hair but had to shave your head for the surgery, did you kind of go, "Hey! I didn't realize I would like short hair on me!" kind of thing? (Personally, I love having short hair. :))

Hope you are getting refreshed this week! ;)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - Honestly, I fully intended to grow my hair long again. Hadn't had short hair since I was in first grade! But when I realized how EASY it is to maintain short hair, there was no way I was going back. *wink*
Though, I must admit there are days when I wish I could braid my hair again, or even just scoop it up into a pony tail.

I'm glad you enjoyed the reading. :)