Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inadequate, or Inspired?

My husband is quite a stud.

Have I ever mentioned that before?

He works out almost every day. And works hard.
A couple of years ago he started doing this thing called Cross Fit, and he really enjoys it. He likes going to the gym and "kicking the butts" of the young 'uns. (Those 20-something studs, and even some Marines. *proud wife*)

So, a few days ago Brian was watching an event from the Cross Fit Open online. This particular competition involved workouts with high weights, high difficulty, and high repetition. And the athletes were amazing as they tackled the routine.
After watching almost the entire event, Brian said to me, "I am feeling incredibly inadequate right now." And I replied, "So, why are you watching that?"

"I'm looking for inspiration."

Oh, did I ever understand!

Brian's comment - about feeling inadequate while he was looking for inspiration - sounded just like me during my years in MOPS.
I was so hungry for inspiration, yet after nearly every meeting I had the same response. "I will never be as perfect as the woman who just spoke to us."
*I remember hearing tips about getting your child to obey 'Right away. All the way. And with a happy heart.'
*I listened to women talk about how to decorate our homes 'just so'.
*And let us not forget the women who talked about scheduling and activities which would make your child a little genius.
All those women seemed to have it so together. Everything was all figured out, and they were well on their way to "happily ever after".
And I? Was left with the feeling that I would never be as perfect as they were.
I was looking for inspiration, but I felt incredibly inadequate.

Now, I know those speakers who came to my MOPS group had good things to say. They were all godly women, but I was dealing with my own issues which prevented me from hearing the inspirational things they were saying. The truth is, I needed someone to tell me I wasn't alone in my struggle. I needed someone to tell me what I was going through didn't make me a loser-mom.
I needed someone to point me to Jesus and show me how HE could bring hope and peace to my circumstance.
I needed to know it is OK to not be perfect.

And that is why I am so thankful God has given me the opportunity to share my story with other moms. To confess my struggles and testify to the goodness of God as He brings beauty out of my mess. I cannot begin to express what a delight it is to hear these words from a mother who needed to hear my story: "I'm so glad to know I'm not alone!"

Jesus, please keep speaking through me so overwhelmed mothers know - they are not alone!


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Sara K. said...

Karen, this is EXACTLY why I loved your book, "Confessions of an Irritable Mother!" I realized I was NOT alone and NOT a loser-mom! So, thank you for being willing to be REAL about your struggles... Your book helped refresh my soul. :)