Thursday, June 27, 2013

In the Midst of the Storm

We've had some rainstorms rolling through mid-Michigan.

Last night my husband and I got poured on as we took a walk.

This morning there was a good amount of thunder echoing through the sky.

Even as I type this post, the sky is gray and cloudy. And there is a steady rain falling.
Not really the kind of weather which has me excited about doing much of anything except sitting snuggled in my blanket. Safe inside.

But the windows are open and, when I pay attention, I can hear something else besides the falling rain. Outside in the trees there must be three or four, maybe five different birds singing back and forth to one another. The sound is beautiful. Happy, even. As in, if I closed my eyes and focused on only the song of the birds, I would picture a bright, sun-shiny day - full of hope and promise.

I listen to the birds, and hear not even a hint of concern in their song. I wonder what they're saying to each other. Are they thankful that the worst of the storm is past? Perhaps the birds are glad for the rain, because they know that soon the worms will surface and they can feed themselves and their babies.
OK, I really have no idea what they're trying to communicate.

But one thing I do know.

Their song is joyful. Yes, peaceful. Even though the sky is gray and the rain still is falling.

And if I listen with the ears of my heart, it is as if I can hear God speaking through their song. It is like HE is saying, I see your storms. I know all about them. The ones raging within you, and the ones coming at you from the outside. But you do not need to fear the storm. I am bigger. I am more powerful. I am LORD - even of your storms.
See the birds? They are not afraid of the rain or the wind. I care for them in every season and every circumstance. They can sing in the midst of the storm.
You can, too, dear one.
Come, hold My hand. Stay by My side. Find your peace in Me.
I've got this storm.

What are you hearing today?


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