Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beauty and the Beau: Pizza Night Edition

What can I say? I love these kids!

Beauty and Beau had such a great time at Edgewood when they came for the Dance for the Cure in March that they wanted to have another dance while Beau is with us this week. But, uh, I would need more than a couple days to plan an awesome party like that again! So I suggested they could come Tuesday evening to help me with Pizza Night.
The only problem was we had afternoon activities Tuesday which wouldn't allow me enough time to come home and pick them up to bring them back to Edgewood.
Ah! Not a problem. They said they'd ride their bikes.
(Almost 10 miles. Yeah. They wanted to come that much!)
Beau even made special posters to hang around Edgewood promoting their visit for Pizza Night.

Let me say, we had a great turn out Tuesday evening. And Beauty and Beau were such a treasure. Hard-working and absolutely delightful. We were ALL glad for their presence.

Those smiles are precious to me!


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