Wednesday, August 14, 2013

JESUS Draw Me Close

I just started reading Leviticus in my read-through-the-Bible program.
And the first thing I did was apologize to God for my attitude that this was going to be a dry, boring read. Laws, laws, laws. That's all I could think of - I'd be reading about laws.
How was that material going to draw me into HIS presence???

My first assignment was to read chapters 1-4. And there they were: the laws.
*How to prepare a burnt offering.
*How to prepare a grain offering.
*How to prepare a fellowship offering.
*AND, how to prepare a sin offering - for the anointed priest, the whole Israelite community, a leader, and an individual member of the community.
So many rules and regulations to follow!

Because I am quite the rule-follower (If we're taking a walk and a sign is posted which says, 'No trespassing,' don't even ask me to step over the line to go exploring. I.won'!) I became a bit overwhelmed by the thought of all those requirements. And it made me even more thankful for what Jesus did when He came to earth.

He died once. For all!

I closed my eyes and began to pray, thanking Him for bringing an end to all the rituals and requirements of the sacrifices. What Jesus did was enough. The offering of His life covered the sins of the priest, the community, the leaders, and you & me! My heart was filled with gratitude toward my Savior.
As I sat there praying, this song began running through my head. And I smiled at the realization, God really could draw me into HIS presence - even by reading about laws.
So now, I want to invite you to hit the play button, close your eyes, and enjoy a few minutes in the peaceful presence of your loving God.



Britta Lafont said...

Karen - I would love to talk with you about Leviticus some time! I did a Women's Workshop on it! Studying it transformed my view of holiness - I finally enjoyed that book so many of us have dreaded! Glad you did too!! :)

Karen Hossink said...

Britta - I love how God speaks through His Word. Even when we don't expect it. :)