Tuesday, August 06, 2013

How to Offend Me

Just say I look like I have it all together.

OK, I'm being a bit extreme when I say that statement offends me.
But I thought it made for a fun title. *wink*
The truth is, my heart breaks a little whenever someone proposes an opinion like the one above. Or even hints at it.
I am quickly reminded of the times when I have looked at other women and thought, "I will never be as perfect as her!" I recall the times when other moms seemed un-approachable to me because - to me - they looked so polished. So perfect. So together. I cringe at the memory of how those moments fueled my insecurity.
And I am saddened by the thought that anything about me could cause another woman to feel the same way.

This whole line of thinking came about recently when I was with a group of friends - and one woman whom I've only met once. We were all talking when she asked for my input on something, and followed her request by saying, "You seem like you have it all together." I might have physically shuddered when she said that.
The thing is, this sweet woman isn't the first one I've heard propose such an idea. And before anyone else starts heading down the same road, I want to make one thing perfectly clear:

I am a broken mess.
And the only way I have anything together, is because God is holding me!

I shared last week about my depression struggles. I've written plenty about the challenges and messes I've faced (er, created *ahem!*) as a mother. And I think you know by now that my domestic skills are, uh, shaky at best.
As much as I am willing to share my failings, my greater desire is to point to the faithfulness and power of God as HE carries me through each day. So, if you ever watch one of my videos, or read one of my posts and find yourself thinking anything along the lines of, Man. She's really got it together, please remember this truth: It's all GOD. HE alone is my strength and the One who sustains me. Amen!



Sara K. said...

Love your realness, Karen -- I was just telling a friend yesterday that you'd be the kind of gal I'd love to hang out with if I lived in your town! ;)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - That would be so fun! Uh, there are a couple homes for sale in my neighborhood. *wink*