Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When God Says, "No"

She sounded apologetic in the voice mail.
Hi, Karen. This is Missy. The XYZ committee has chosen another woman to be the speaker for their event. She is from North Carolina and I'm sure travel costs played into their decision. That's how it goes sometimes...

Missy had called me out of the blue a few weeks earlier, after seeing my website. She asked if I was available on a certain date, and would I like to be a candidate for a speaking event in Raleigh, NC?
I could make the date work, and I told Missy I would love to be considered.
It would be a totally new setting for me. Moms, but not a Christian group. I wasn't given a clear direction regarding the focus/theme of the event, but I figured that information would come when/if I needed to know. Being chosen for this event would certainly be a boost for my speaking career, and - to be perfectly honest - I was quite excited about the possibilities. Excited, with a healthy dose of nervous mixed in. What if I wasn't the right fit for this group, and they ended up disappointed that they'd chosen me?

So, I prayed. Knowing God knew all the details about this event, I asked Him to direct the decision makers. If God intended for me to speak before this group of mothers - providing encouragement without mentioning His Name - I trusted He would make it happen. I believed He would give me the words to say, that He would speak through me - even if I couldn't mention Him. With a combination of excitement and nervousness I laid this speaking opportunity at His feet, and I waited for His answer.

His answer, which came in that voice mail from Missy. No.

I sent a quick email off to Missy, just to let her know I'd received the answer, and to thank her for calling me. She responded with an email which sounded apologetic, like her voice mail. And I felt compelled to send her one more response. I told her:
I trust God to open the doors through which He wants me to walk. Raleigh wasn't one of them - and I'm OK with that!
And I mean that with all of my heart. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned over the past eight years - through speaking, and life-in-general - is that when God says, Yes, it's a very good thing. And when He says, No, it is also a very good thing.
God always does what is best, and I see no reason to be disappointed with His best.
Are you with me?



km said...

I'm working on that. It's easy for me to have hurt feelings and not see that HE was protecting me/saving me for something better/shaping my character in that situation.

Kaira said...

I love this perspective. <3

Karen Hossink said...

KM - Yes, it is much easier to recognize God's good intention when we have hind-sight. He is teaching me to recognize it ahead of time, by faith.

Kaira - It makes a big difference, I tell ya!