Friday, August 02, 2013

Lessons From the Edge

Even rainy days have bright sides.

I took a group of residents to watch the Lansing Lugnuts play baseball on Wednesday. It was a noon game so we had plans to eat lunch at the ballpark, and hopefully watch the Lugnuts bring home a win.We've had this date planned for almost a year, and I have been hyping it up to the residents, recruiting them to sign up and come along for a good month now.
So, Wednesday arrived, we loaded up the bus and went to the ballpark, found our seats, ate our lunch, and stared at this for over an hour.

Yet, even while we waited, this is what I got to see.

A little rain wasn't about to dampen the spirits of these folks!

And even after we got back to Edgewood - after sitting in the ballpark for over two hours watching rain instead of baseball - one of the residents commented to me, "Well, at least we didn't see the Lugnuts lose today!"
Indeed, even rainy days have bright sides.


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