Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brother and the Beau

Ahhhhh, they're cracking me up!

Beau (Elizabeth's sweetheart) is staying with us this week. And while I am enjoying watching the two of them interact, I am also spending a great deal of time laughing as I watch Joshua and Nick interact. They're like a couple of real brothers, I tell ya.
It started when I went downstairs Monday morning and saw a barricade of sorts set up near Joshua's bedroom door. Apparently Nick was trying to prevent Joshua from getting out.
(It didn't work!)
And I'm guessing it was a form of pay-back for the failed-barricade-attempt when Joshua walked quietly into Nick's room. I saw him walk out with a tub of Vaseline in his hand, but had no idea what was going on.
Until about half an hour later (at which time Joshua was "safely" at football practice) when Nick came out of his room hollering. He stood at the sink washing his hands and discovered, "It won't come off!" He had Vaseline all over his hand. Seems Joshua had coated the door knob with the slimy stuff.

These two are going back and forth at each other like real jokesters. Just wondering what I'll find them up to next...

Haha! The "next thing"...
Elizabeth and Nick made cookies last night and this morning it was discovered that the plate of cookies had been replaced by a plate of dog food. (Guess who did that???)
The cookies were found in the TV stand with a note which said, "Next time I might not be so nice..."



Kaira said...

Ohhhh, lol. I love this! I have heard word of shenanigans at your house. They are like brothers!

Nick also sent me a picture of the screen saver he put up on your computer *tears* - that will be a happy, happy day!!!

Thanks for keeping our kids, and for letting them have all the crazy fun I'd probably get stressed out about. :P

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Yeah. That screen saver picture will be appearing on the blog some day soon!

The boys are NOT finished with their shenanigans. I "accidentally" rescued Josh from a would-have-been-successful-barricade this morning. Thought Josh had missed his alarm for football practice (or couldn't get out of his room) and I moved the entire barricade to wake him up. Turns out he didn't have practice until 11:30. And I was NOT moving everything back into place. LOL!

Oh, and don't think I HAVEN'T gotten stressed about any of this. *wink*