Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's Just So... Reasonable

My church is currently reading through the book of Proverbs. One chapter each day in the month of July. And the weekend sermons are focusing on what we have read over the previous week.
It's a good thing.

I have read the book of Proverbs many times before, and I have several favorite verses which come from these words of wisdom. But this time as I am reading through (Granted I've only covered eight chapters to date.) I find myself caught up with one thought:
It makes so much sense to seek wisdom.
I mean, seriously! These chapters have laid out warnings against rejecting wisdom, and countless benefits of following it. We're warned about being fools, and assured that we will be protected and life will be good if we seek wisdom. Goodness, we're even promised that if we seek wisdom - we'll find it! (8:17)
So, I'm reading these proverbs and learning more about wisdom. Chapter 8 tells us wisdom is true and not wicked (v.7), it is just and not perverse (v.8), it is more precious than rubies (v.11), it possesses counsel and sound judgement (v.14), it was brought forth by God as the first of His works (v.22), and participated with Him in all creation (v.30).
1 Corinthians 1:30 tells us Jesus, Himself, is wisdom.

So I read all these things, and I think, It makes so much sense to seek wisdom.
And then I wonder, Why do I ever doubt God? Why do I ever think my own way is better? More wise? Why???
OK. I know the reason why. It's the constant battle between my redeemed spirit, and my sinful nature. That battle will continue until the day I leave this earth, and go Home to where I really belong. But one thing this study of Proverbs has clearly motivated me to do is this: To keep on seeking Him, and to keep feeding my spirit the Truth of His Word. Because, when you take time to look at it, It makes so much sense to seek wisdom.

It's just so...Reasonable!

With what are you feeding your spirit today?



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Great post. You are right it makes so much sense to seek wisdom. AND God is so willing to give it. it's just our stubborn pride that keeps us from it. Lord, forgive me.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - So thankful His willingness to give wisdom is as big as His willingness to be patient with us. *ahem* :)