Thursday, July 31, 2014

My First "Last", maybe it isn't the "first". I mean, I've already been through her last day of kindergarten, and her last day of middle school, and her last day of high school. And her last prom. And her last first job. Annnnd her last experience as a camper at summer camp. So, I suppose what lies ahead would more appropriately be called a "new" last.
But it feels like a "first" to me, because we are entering new territory.
And, besides, I like the word play.

First last.

So, that's what it is.

This coming Sunday is when it will happen: the last time Elizabeth and I will be serving in Sunday school together before she leaves for college. Because the following Sunday we'll be visiting my parents, and the Sunday after that? She'll be in Wheaton. *sigh*
I've known the day is coming. Goodness, for eighteen years I've known the day is coming! But now it is less than two weeks away, and the impending good-bye - along with the significant change it will bring to our lives - has become undeniable.
I am still going to be her mom. I am still going to love her and care for her, and offer her guidance whenever she needs it. I am still going to be her most faithful prayer warrior.
None of that will change. Ever.
But many things will change. Especially the frequency with which I get to see my daughter. Our "together times" will decrease. (Though hopefully they'll become even sweeter.)
For me, once I left for college I never really "came home". Summer jobs kept me out of town for my first three years, and after the fourth year, I got married.
I have a sneaky suspicion Elizabeth will follow a similar path.

SO, for all practical purposes, August 3 may very well be the last time Elizabeth and I will ever serve in Sunday school together.
And I don't know who should be the recipient of my condolences.
Our girls, because they aren't going to get to play with Miss Elizabeth anymore, and won't be able to see this lovely teenager who cherishes each of them.
Or me, because my little girl is leaving the nest. *sniff*



Kaira said...


This totally makes me cry for you. We will miss her nearness too!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you two have such a sweet relationship!! ((hugs)) Chera