Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Profile of a Terrorist?

So, we're in the airport in Cancun, going through security on our way home. And Elizabeth gets "flagged" for a random search.

I know it had to be a random search, because, really. If you looked at my sweet daughter, there is no way you would think she's a terrorist.
First of all, she was carrying a bright pink back pack.
And the back pack had two key chains on it. One was a cute little squirrel in a sleeping bag. The other simply said, "Trust." Not very threatening so far.
The security officer unzipped the back pack, reached in, and produced two stuffed animals. Still not threatening.
Then he reached in and pulled out a rectangular box-y object which was covered in flower-y material and lace. I could see him asking Elizabeth to explain the item. And I wanted to call out, "Careful! It's sharper than a double-edged sword!" (The item in question was her Bible.) The officer unzipped the cover and flipped through it a bit. At that point, I suppose it could have been threatening. In a good way.
When he was convinced the Bible could pass through security, the officer gave a general pat-down over the rest of the back pack. And got very excited when he felt something suspicious at the bottom. He rather frantically searched through the remaining pockets until he located the offending item.
Reaching deep into the back pack, he grabbed it and triumphantly removed a...

...bright purple (empty) water bottle.

I'm not sure if he was shaking his head as he returned the bottle to its location, or if it just looked that way because I was laughing. Either way, the security officer determined that my daughter and her belongings posed no threat to the airline, and she was allowed to proceed.

I could have told that man my girl is not dangerous. The kind of girl who carries a pink bag and a purple water bottle, stuffed animals and a Bible? Her heart is more beautiful than her outsides, and her outsides are lovely.
She isn't going to harm anyone.
She's no terrorist.
BUT, armed with her Sword and empowered by the Spirit, I am praying she'll be a mighty warrior in her Father's army.



Joanna said...

A "sword" covered in flowers and lace. And a beautiful girl with life-changing power inside. Love it!

Kaira said...

So precious. We love your mighty girl!

Karen Hossink said...

Joanna - Oh, the Power! Praying HE will use it in beautiful ways as she takes this next step in life.

Kaira - Thanks. We love her, too!