Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just Watchin'

Last Thursday, Matthew had a job to do. Brian had asked him to wash the screens to the windows, and had them leaning up against the house. Just waiting for Matthew to get to them.
I had reminded Matthew a time, or two, that the screens were waiting. And, finally, I came out and asked, "So, Matthew. When are you planning to take care of your chores?"
**Honest moment: Matthew was using my computer, and I wanted to use it. I thought my more direct question would motivate him to get to work - which would allow me access to my computer. Confession finished.
So, anyway, Matthew hopped up to wash the screens. And I sat down to play work.
Except, I found myself spending more time staring out the window at my boy than looking at the computer screen and getting things done. Because he was working so diligently. And he was being careful to do a good job. And I just stared at my son and realized how much he's growing up. I was proud of the hard work he was doing. I was somewhat surprised that I was sitting and observing, rather than constantly reminding him to stay on task. I was noticing that my little boy has really become a young man.
I sat in my chair, staring out the window, just watchin' my son. Loving every minute of it.

Later the same day I watched him building with his Legos. And those same feelings came over me. It was such a joy.

Do you love someone? Then, today I want to encourage you to take some time and just watch that person. Don't say anything. Don't make a show of it. Hide if you need to. But just spend some time watching them.
Then come back here and tell me how wonderful it was. *grin*


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