Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Who I Want to Be

The LORD detests men of perverse heart, but he delights in those whose ways are blameless.
Proverbs 11:20

A good man obtains favor from the LORD, but the LORD condemns a crafty man.
Proverbs 12:2

The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.
Proverbs 12:22

He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.
Proverbs 15:8

The LORD detests the way of the wicked, but he loves those who pursue righteousness.
Proverbs 15:9

The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.
Proverbs 15:29

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart.
Proverbs 17:3

All a man's ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart.
Proverbs 21:2
As I have been reading the book of Proverbs - besides thinking a lot about my words and seeking wisdom - I have been overwhelmed with a desire to be the woman God has created me to be. I read these verses about what the LORD loves, and what He detests; about what delights Him, and what He condemns, and I just want to live a life which pleases Him.
And those last two verses have really gotten me, too. Being who He wants me to be isn't about what I'm doing on the outside. He knows my heart - and it all has to be right there. So I pray, LORD, change me. Make me into the woman You want me to be. Please work in me that which is pleasing to You today.

How does God speak to you through these words from Proverbs?



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I think what God says to me in these verses is that He is pretty clear about the things that please Him and the things that displease Him. Period. All we have to do is read, and apply. Not sure why we/I make it so hard. Stubborn pride, I guess.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - That's it, exactly! God makes Himself so clear, and I wonder why I ever question what is good and right. Thus the prayer that God would change me - conform my heart and will to HIS.

Kaira said...

Reading this makes me want to really pursue righteousness. I don't want him to detest me and my ways!

I have what I like to think of as a "healthy fear of the Lord". He's got a lot of power over my life (and eternity)!

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Me, too! I just want to do what pleases HIM.