Monday, November 16, 2015




Anonymous said...

God is holding it all together, He is in control...These are some things I've recently been challenged with in my life. I've had some moments lately where I feel a sense of loneliness similar to past times in my life where things in my life weren't good. But this time when those feelings arose, I fixed my eyes on God. I reminded myself "thank you God, you are here." And "thank you God you are helping me and with me. I am not alone, you are with me." And then those lonely feelings began to be less, because I got my thoughts right and pursued my relationship with God if that makes sense. Your post just reminded me of the very important detail of keeping our hearts and minds on God. OOps, little essay for you, you know how I get wordy sometimes. Love ya, Chera

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - I love your "little essays." ;)
More than that, I love that you are reminding yourself of the Truth, rather than letting the lies of your enemy hold you down. Thanks for sharing about it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen! I love talking about God with you and the things He's been teaching me. :) Chera