Friday, November 20, 2015

Delighting His Heart

So, Tuesday morning when I was sitting at the table pouring my heart into Wednesday's post, I had no idea God was going to speak to me through my own words.
I was typing as quickly as my fingers and mind would move. Not really editing my words, just letting my thoughts flow. And I wrote, "I want to delight His heart." If you read that post, you know my mind was thinking about doing. And the immediate motivation behind my statement was that I wanted to be doing things which would be a delight to my Father's heart.
But as I typed those words, and re-read them on the screen in front of me, God took me back some seven years to a couple of missed flights, an unplanned hotel-stay in Tampa, and a day of lay-overs in the Atlanta airport. You see, God used that messed-up, inconvenient, perfectly-orchestrated, totally-not-the-way-I-planned-it circumstance to show me that we can delight His heart by simply being with Him. That we don't have to be saving the world, finding a cure for cancer, establishing world peace, or really doing anything in order to delight Him. He just loves to be with us.
In fact, He used that crazy incident to inspire a new retreat topic which I called, Delighting His Heart.
Yes, I have taught women all about this beautiful Truth, which I somehow managed to forget in recent weeks. Oh, for the goodness and patience of God!

So for the past couple of mornings I have found myself cozied up on my couch with my new prayer journal. (Got it for free when I pre-ordered a War Room DVD on Monday. *smile*) I haven't been discovering the answers to our current world crisis (Though I've prayed about it.), nor have I created a solution to personal concerns surrounding me. But what I have done is this: I've contemplated God's amazing grace. That He would choose me - a broken, stubborn woman who didn't even know she needed Him - and would save my desperate soul. I have wondered at His love for a lost world, and marveled at His power to bring forth justice and peace in His perfect time. I have given God praise and the glory due His Name, and surrendered again to trusting Him.
Oh, I haven't done much of anything. But I have been enjoying His presence. And it has been wonderfully, absolutely, completely delightful.



Anonymous said...

awww yes...God's sweet presence, so happy you are there, it's the best place to be. And I truly believe He is already revealing to you His direction for your waiting sermon you spoke of previously. Hugs, Chera

Karen Hossink said...

Chera - In HIS presence. There is no place I would rather be!
And I will willingly go through whatever HE wants to take me through to establish HIS message in my heart so I can share it with other women. :)

Anonymous said...

:) amen, yes, and I was just reflecting on this the other day..."God will take you through times that you don't even realize what He is doing through it until later. And a lot of the times for me it was even a time of pain and hardship. Those are the times I've been refined the most, because I've learned the most." I have no doubt God is working through you my friend, you are an inspiration to me through many things we've shared. You have a heart for God, it's beautiful. hugs, Chera