Thursday, September 08, 2016

Doing the Hard Stuff

When my kids need to conquer a task which challenges their comfort level, I cheer them on and tell them, "You can do it!"

At other times, when the exercise is one they simply don't want to do I might empathize for a moment, but ultimately the words coming from my mouth will sound something like, "C'mon. Let's get 'er done!"

Whether it's registering for college courses, preparing for a class speech, or just washing the dishes - sometimes I have to give my almost-adults a gentle nudge an extra push OK. Sometimes I have to shove pretty hard. *wink*
The point is, I know - and so do they - that we have to do the hard stuff, too.
And recently I have been reminded there's hard stuff for me, as well.
See, now that I am committed to pursuing speaking on a full-time basis I have to do hard stuff. That is, I love just about every aspect of speaking: dreaming about topics, sensing God's lead as I craft talks, watching Him put things together, and - of course - the speaking, itself.
But there is one part I don't like.
The part which makes this a full-time endeavor.
That would be the phone calling I need to do to introduce myself to women's ministry and moms' group leaders, to tell them who I am and what I do.
To find out if there is a need in their ministry which I might be able to fill.
Yeah. I am not real fond of that facet of this gig.
I guess it's the introvert in me, who is much more comfortable communicating over email - where I can think about my words as long as I want to, and if I don't like how I've phrased something I can just delete it and start over. That form of communication is waaaaaaay more attractive to this girl.
And, yet, I am perfectly content - delighted, even - to take the stage with a room full of women to speak and sing my heart out. I know. It doesn't make sense to me, either.

So, I am taking the advice and encouragement I so willingly dole out to my boys, and I am sitting down and making the phone calls. I'm doing the hard stuff.
Because my heart wants to reach women with the hope of Jesus - and I know I need to do this, to get there.

By the way, if any of you wants to save me from some of this agony, please feel free to tell women's ministry leaders about me - and send them this link to my website. *grin*


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