Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It Has Come to This

So, I told you I finally got a smart phone, right?
Well, last week Matthew showed me how to load songs onto it. And I put worship songs on it for the Listening Retreat, and accompaniment tracks to use when I'm speaking.
Er, I guess that would be singing.
I was very pleased with my new skill.
And straight away ordered a portable speaker to go with the phone.
However, when the speaker arrived and in all my excitement I opened it and read the directions, and fully charged the speaker, and read the directions again, and plugged the cord into the holes that needed plugging, and pressed the mode button several times, and re-read the directions, and kept not hearing sound coming from the speaker, I became very disappointed. Because I thought the speaker didn't work, and I was going to have to send it back. *sad face*
Then Brian, in all his wisdom, said, "Ahhh, give it to Matthew. He'll figure it out."
And I'm thinking, But I followed the directions. I plugged the plug and pressed the button, and there's no sound. And, by the way, the volume button doesn't work. This thing is broken. Boo. Hoo.

You know what's coming. Don't you?

Yesterday after school Matthew walked into the kitchen and picked up the speaker. I tried to explain that it wasn't working. Showed him the cord, and gave him the directions. Told him about my attempts the previous day to make the stupid thing speaker work.
And I don't think he heard a word I said. (There's nothing new under the sun. *wink*)
He just started swiping his finger over the screen of my phone, alternatively pressing buttons here and there, never once even looking at the directions I had so kindly placed on the counter in front of him.
The next thing I knew, there was music coming out of that stupid speaker.
And I'm all, Wait a minute! You didn't plug the cord into any of the holes. You didn't read the directions. This wasn't even hard for you!
Matthew then showed me how to set it up using the Bluetooth feature (Is that the correct lingo?) and informed me that cords make everything difficult. (Not to mention reading directions. I'm so old-school.)
He also showed me how to control the volume right from the phone.
And now I have a working speaker.
Sans cords, and directions.
Compliments of my technology-smart kid.
Whom I taught how to use a spoon. Thank you.


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